Iceland Simply Gum is a natural, biodegradable alternative

Iceland Simply Gum is a new product from the Iceland supermarket chain which has been generating coverage for a lot of reasons.

The creators of Iceland Simply Gum are eager to point out that, first and foremost, most chewing gum on the market consists of plastic, which is not a fact most people are aware of. In fact, according to research, “85 per cent of people do not know chewing gum usually contains plastic.”

Iceland founder Sir Malcolm Walker ( Chris Bull for Weber Shandwick / The Independent)

The new gum is completely biodegradable, meaning that it won’t leave behind any unpleasant residue on the streets, the kind that gets stuck to the bottom of people’s shoes and so on. The gum is part of the company’s initiative which hopes to see them go completely plastic free by the end of 2023.

The gum is made from a tree sap known as chicle, which is extracted from the sapodilla tree.

I absolutely detest the mess that discarded plastic chewing gum creates on our streets, and the fortune that is wasted by councils trying to clear it up. We are delighted to make Simply Gum available to UK consumers in our stores so that they can have a real choice about what they are consuming and the impact they make on the environment.’ – Malcolm Walker, Iceland founder

The gum was created by Caron Proschan, who told The Metro: ‘I created it because I recognised a need for a natural gum that was made with high quality, sustainable ingredients. We chose Iceland as our UK launch partner because of their shared commitment to quality and sustainability.

Simply Gum is currently available in Iceland stores nationwide and online. It is sold in packs of 15 and is available in mint, maple and ginger flavours.

Colin J McCracken

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