ICON and New Story 3-D print homes for the homeless

With the development of 3-D printing technology, there has been a drastic rethinking of many conventional approaches to manufacture. ICON is a company specialising in 3D printing affordable concrete houses, while New Story is an initiative devoted to providing homes for people without adequate housing or housing of any kind. Together, ICON and New Story may have found ideal partners in each other for helping to make a real difference.

With over 1 billion people currently living without adequate housing conditions, New Story and Icon have united to combat the global lack of homes for families living in extreme poverty. ICON uses Vulcan 3D printers to actually manufacture a full house within an astonishing 24 hours. What’s more, the houses reportedly cost less than $10,000, with plans to bring the cost as low as $4,000 in the future. 3D-printing is most commonly associated with plastic products, but these homes are printed primarily using cement to give sturdiness and give the 3d-printed homes a feeling more like traditional buildings. The homes aren’t just cost-effective and efficient. The 3D-printing process means that all manner of designs can be used to create sustainable homes which look attractive and are easy to heat.

New Story works with the resources available to create new homes where they’re needed most.

New Story is a charitable organisation which uses donations to fund homes for families living in untenable conditions around the world. Within the past four years, New Story has helped to provide 800 homes to 12 different communities in 4 different countries. The organisation is devoted to combatting global homelessness. So, it makes perfect sense for them to partner with ICON in order to quickly create affordable and dependable homes across the world.

ICON and New Story’s first joint effort is this house in Austin, Texas. This is a symbol of the potential homes that the two may well create worldwide in the years to come.

Together, ICON and New Story represent the possibilities that arise when innovation meets compassion. 3D-printed houses may one day become the norm for creating homes quickly and efficiently to your exact specifications. Today, they can do something much more wonderful. They can help give security and comfort to more and more of the billion people in desperate need of good homes.

Ronan Daly

Ronan Daly is a staff writer for My Good Planet who specialises in Technology and Science. With a Masters Degree in English, and over a decade's experience as a teacher and writer, Ronan has brought a breezy, learned style to My Good Planet, making occasionally complex material accessible and understandable to all.