Indian Father carves new road so his children can attend school

An Indian father was disappointed that his children were not easily able to access a local school, so he took matters into his own hands

Jalandhar Nayak from Odisha state is a father to three sons, who would have to traverse a long and treacherous journey to school every day; one which could take up to about three hours each way.

Tired of the efforts which his children would have to undergo, simply to attend school, Nayak gathered together some simple tools and began to carve a new road for them to take.

Using only a chisel, a garden hoe and pickaxe, Nayak carved a five mile road (approximately 8 kilometers), which his children can now use. His story caught the attention of the local media, upon which he has become somewhat of a celebrity.

My children found it hard to walk on the narrow and stony path while going to their school. I often saw them stumbling against the rocks and decided to carve a road through the mountain so that they can walk more easily,” Nayak told News World Odisha.

As a result of the additional attention, the local government have become involved.

According to The Guardian: “Nayak’s effort and determination to cut mountains to build a road left me spellbound,” the local administrator, Brundha D, told reporters.

He said Nayak, 45, would be paid for the time he had spent building the path between Gumsahi village and the school in Phulbani, according to the Press Trust of India.

The family are the only remaining residents of Gumsahi, with the rest of the village having left for areas with better roads and amenities.”

The district collector has assured me [he will] complete the construction of the road to my village,” added Nayak.

Colin J McCracken

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