Klean Kanteen launch new range of family friendly zero waste essentials

Klean Kanteen specialise in creating zero waste solutions that merge striking and effective design with functionality and durability. 

Each Klean Kanteen piece is a sharp and stylish addition to any mindful and sustainable household; using stainless steel technology to create a safe and secure storage option for food and drinks, they are currently leading the way in terms of form and fashion.

Plastic is almost ubiquitous within kitchenware and it takes only a few small alterations to replace so many of the habits that we fall into over time. The peace of mind from knowing there’s no harmful materials used in the process of making the Klean Kanteen range makes them an essential acquisition for any individual, or family, looking to reduce and reuse.

Klean Kanteen Canister
The Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Food Can keeps food hot for up to 8 hours and cold for 22. (c) Paula Mulvanerty

Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer are the sibling founders behind the company and it was a desire to rid the world of single use plastic bottles which saw them introduce their first stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottle in 2004.

Since then, their expertise has expanded far beyond bottles, resulting in a plethora of fantastic solutions which allow people to safely bring food and drinks with them, whether it be to work, school or further into the great outdoors.

With a new range of family friendly items available, including the Insulated Food Canister (rrp €39.99), My Good Planet decided to try out some of the latest Klean Kanteen zero waste wonders.

The Canister is perfect for pasta, soups, casseroles or curries, keeping a hot option available that would be more than welcome on a camping trip or day out. The hefty, stainless steel body makes it trustworthy, reliable and cool as hell.

Klean Kanteen Flask My Good Planet
Perfect for camping, picnics or days out, the Klean Kanteen TK Pro container keeps drinks piping hot for up to 28 hours or icy cold for up to 90.  (c) Paula Mulvanerty

The TK Pro (rrp €44.95) is a heavy duty flask which maintains superb temperature control for hours (and days if necessary). No more brewed, lukewarm coffee by the campfire. The matte black finish is evergreen in terms of aesthetic, making this a real ‘buy it for life’ item.

The surprising thing is that, despite the sturdiness of the build, they are not heavy or restrictive, meaning that they’re not going to weigh down a backpack or case. The lightweight build is reassuring, making them as convenient to transport as they are practical.

Klean Kanteen My Good Planet
These adorable new Pool Party and Sport Ladder bottles are absolutely perfect for lunchboxes, reducing the need for questionable plastic alternatives. (c) Paula Mulvanerty

For the kids, the gorgeous new Klean Kanteen water bottles (rrp €19.99-€24.99) are so unbelievably funky and robust, that we can see them surviving many years of school. Each bottle comes with a replaceable cap to keep the mouthpiece guarded and hygienic.

They’re so easy to clean and, after a week of testing, we can confirm that they keep drinks superbly chilled, even after the little ones have returned from their school day. Perfect for the upcoming warm weather.  Plastic that gets heated up by the sun or environmental conditions is a huge concern for parents, even if the item is listed as BPA free, and so to make the change to these is a no-brainer. It just completely removes that sense of worry and uncertainly.

We also topped up on our stainless steel straws (rrp €11,99), which we have used for a number of years now. With single use plastics becoming one of the primary talking points concerning our global waste problem, by making small changes like this that we can all reduce our negative impact upon the world. The new colour range is super, adding a sense of playfulness to the functionality.

Adding the Klean Kanteen steel straws to the mix means that we’ve put together the perfect picnic set. (c) Paula Mulvanerty

Klean Kanteen are the real deal, not only as a result of working towards a more sustainable way of life, but by actively investing in social projects and initiatives, such as donating products to local organisations and schools to use in events and fundraisers.

They also provide Klean Kanteen water stations with free, filtered water at local events and family-friendly celebrations and sponsor and participate in events such as Run for Food, Chico Wildflower Century Ride, Walk for Water and many others. They run a great blog as well, which keeps followers updated on many of their projects and products.

Find out more about Klean Kanteen on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

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