Knitting craze #KnitForJacinda sparked for New Zealand PM

Knitting something for a newborn is an age-old tradition which is held up to this day. 

Among all of the baby gifts which new parents receive, it’s often these thoughtful, handmade items which remain treasured for years to come.

This week, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern announced that she was expecting her first child. The world reacted in celebration, with the realisation that Ardern would be one of the first world leaders to also be an expectant mother.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – JANUARY 19: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford speak to the media January 19, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford are expecting their first child in June 2018. Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters will take on Prime Ministerial duties for six weeks after the baby is born. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

One Twitter user, Heather McCracken, decided she was going to create something for the impending arrival, however, this led to a realization and subsequent plan to help out many more children.

The results of this single Tweet were astonishing. Hundreds and then thousands of people responded and pledged to create knitted items to donate to local hospitals, where they will be used to comfort newborns and premature babies.

McCracken spoke with the BBC in an interview, in which she attested her amazement at how many people in the world got behind her idea:

“I was just happy about the news and felt inspired to make a little gift. It was immediately followed by the idea that it would be more appreciated [by] a baby who was more in need,” she said.

“I’m quite an average knitter so I’m challenging myself to do nice things. Now that I’m publicly accountable I have to follow through!”

Those who wish to get involved can search for the #KnitForJacinda on social media, or else simply knit and donate to their local hospital or children’s charity.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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