Want to know what happened to all the leftovers from Oscar night?

Oscar night is the very epitome of glamour and excess.

An evening which celebrates only the best and brightest stars that Tinseltown has to offer.

With excess comes waste, but one pioneering actress decided that Oscar night 2017 would be different.

Global Citizen Ambassador, Freida Pinto, joined forces with a company called Copia to ensure that all of the leftovers from the event would not be going to waste this year.

According to their mission statement, Copia “makes food more accessible to people in our community by redistributing surplus food to feed people in need. By reducing food waste, we save money and resources, minimize environmental impacts, and most importantly, move towards a world where everyone has enough to eat.”

Via Instagram, Pinto outlined her mission to gather and redistribute unused food from the event.

Our aim is to ensure that no one goes hungry in our film and TV town of Los Angeles by recovering leftover foods from all of our big parties and events,” Pinto told Vanity Fair in February, explaining that the “no food waste” initiative was one of the main perks of being an Academy member.” (Sc. Mashable)

It would be amazing to see more of these initiatives drafted into galas and events all over the world.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

Paula Mulvanerty is a community and social media manager, as well as writer and product reviewer for My Good Planet. From designing our social media content, from memes to aesthetic control, Paula has it covered. With a keen eye for funky, ethical products and services, Paula has been instrumental in discovering the best brands out there, which are highlighted and focused on site.