M.A.Di. houses are quick to build and rock solid

Italian company, M.A.Di. (Modulo Abitativo Dispiegabile), has created a new form of house. Designed for short or long-term habitation, these houses set up in just hours. They’re also designed specially to endure earthquakes and conserve space.

M.A.Di. has a rather unusual approach to houses. However, their unfoldable, “pop-up” houses aren’t an entirely random idea. They’re actually a response to growing concerns about cost, space and the environmental impact of homes. A M.A.Di. house can be delivered wherever you’d like and assembled quickly on site. The company is keen to sell their structures both as temporary buildings ideal for fairs or short stays as well as long-term living quarters. The M.A.Di. website states that their houses rank at energy class B, but can easily be modified to reach A++. They also say that with the addition of solar panels, their buildings can, in fact, become completely energy independent. With many focused on the need to live greener, more environmentally sound, lives, this could become a common choice.

MADI houses solar panels

However, to many, the idea of a house that unfolds like a cardboard box doesn’t necessarily sound like the sturdiest structure. This is where the Italian company’s patented design really shines. Made largely out of wood, the houses are designed to resist earthquakes and provide sturdy structure. While they can certainly be used as temporary shelter, M.A.Di. is also keen to stress that the houses can be anchored to the ground with minimal stress to the earth beneath.


The novel houses come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from 27-84 square metres. Each design is modern and stylish and comes with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom facilities. Each of these houses can be highly customised to suit individual needs. Individual structures can be joined together to form larger dwellings. The company stresses that their designs are warm and comfortable and feel that the advantages are clear. Indeed, the basic dwellings themselves are priced between €21,000 and just over €67,000. The installation also includes setting up water, drainage, air-conditioning and power.

The company is keen to provide their houses worldwide. If they prove to be as solid and comfortable as the company claims, they could be a dream solution to current property woes in many countries. With the added benefit that this is a house which you can essentially take with you should you move to another area, this might just be the future of home-ownership.

Ronan Daly

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