Madame He Qiaonv makes $1.5bn conservation donation

Chinese businesswoman and founder of Beijing Orient Landscape & Environment Co Ltd, Madame He Qiaonv, has pledged $1.5 billion to protecting the world’s wildlife.

This comes as the biggest projects of its kind. Madame He Qiaonv is one of the wealthiest women in the world (current estimates place her net worth at approximately $3.6 billion) and is also an ardent conservationist and philanthropist.

The announcement was made in Monaco on Saturday, Oct. 14 and highlighted one of the first partnerships as part of the programme, Panthera, who posted about their part in the project:

Visionary Chinese philanthropist and entrepreneur Madame He Qiaonyu has joined Panthera’s Global Alliance for Wild Cats, committing $20 million over the next decade to fund conservation programs devoted to protecting big cats around the world. The Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation, Panthera, and WildCRU will join forces on initiatives to save imperiled species, starting with snow leopards in China and lions in Africa.

Madame He is Founder and Chairman of Beijing Oriental Landscape and Ecology Co. Ltd., the largest landscape architecture company in China. Since establishing Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation in 2012, Madame He has become a force in Chinese philanthropy, investing in such areas as female entrepreneurship, ecological education, and climate change, and is setting the standard in China for emerging philanthropists.

In 2017, Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation introduced an ambitious vision for nature conservation, unveiling an accelerated seven-year plan to protect 28 critical habitat areas within China and conserve dozens of flagship animal and plant species. The Foundation plans to leverage its investments through high-profile partnerships within China and beyond, adopting and applying best practices to achieve its objectives and developing models for conservation worldwide.
Madame He stated, “I feel fortunate to have met Thomas and to be working with Panthera. This partnership enables us at Qiaonyu Foundation to utilize the most professional and experienced team in cat conservation as we begin to protect and preserve these beautiful but fragile species. It is an extraordinary undertaking, and to achieve the ambitious outcomes we seek, we are going to mobilize all the passion and intelligence we utilized when starting our businesses.”
She continued, “I would also add that there are a large number of entrepreneurs in China who are actively paying attention to environmental issues. They would love to share their wealth, knowledge, and vision to search for more and effective solutions for conserving nature. Qiaonyu Foundation is calling on potential partners in China and indeed across the globe to unite together to protect our only homeland and promise a better future for this planet!”
As the newest member of Panthera’s Global Alliance for Wild Cats, Madame He joins Thomas S. Kaplan and Daphne Recanati Kaplan, His Highness Mohamed Bin Zayed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and Hemendra Kothari—among the world’s leading environmental philanthropists—in an international collaboration to preserve large-scale wildlife habitat and biodiversity around the globe by protecting the big cats.
Panthera Founder and Chairman of the Board Thomas Kaplan stated, “Madame He’s vision for species conservation is big and bold, befitting China’s enormous potential to change the trajectory for threatened big cats at home and around the world. Madame He is herself a force of nature, and I have no doubt that she will galvanize a new homegrown movement to join her in sustaining our planet’s most precious and vulnerable wildlife.”
Dr. Kaplan continued, “We are humbled to be among the first partners aligned with Madame He and the Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation in this game-changing moment and look forward to working together under the auspices of the Global Alliance to realize our shared conservation goals.”

This only represents the beginning of a vast and ambitious project, which is set to encompass the globe and draft in the assistance of many subsequent organisations.

It also marks the largest proposal of its kind and we are very excited to see what happens next.

Colin J McCracken

My Good Planet Director, Colin J McCracken, is a content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the platform and ethos of the project. Contact: [email protected]