This manic marble music will make your day

Okay, it’s official, the Wintergatan Marble Machine is the craziest instrument that we have EVER seen. This creation of Swedish musician is an engineering masterpiece which crosses the boundaries of craftsmanship and creativity. 

Martin Molin is an experimental, esoteric musician, whose latest contraption has garnered the world’s attention; even if they are still trying to figure out just how the heck it works. The piece is made from 3,000 wooden parts and uses 2,000 marbles to create an entirely unique form of music.

Marble Music 1

Fortunately, for the curious amongst us, Molin has been documenting the entire process on his YouTube channel, one which began back in August 2014. Watching through the videos, the scope and ambition of the project becomes clear. From the first gear being formed:

Right up to the video which has taken the internet by storm, generating over 3 million views in the last two days.

It’s been a crazy process, the intricacy of which has left people scratching their heads as to just how one young man can be so imaginative. Molin’s website is a treasure trove of ingenuity and skill, which warrants deep exploration.

Marble Music 2

It is strange how, when the finish line is in sight, everything slows down automatically except the avalanche of new unforeseen problems,” Molin told Wired UK, “We need to start making music now and spend less time picking up marbles from the floor soon soon soon. But it is happening. When it is finished, music will followMarble machines always make music, but I was thinking maybe I can make a programmable marble machine, that doesn’t make chaos but is actually controllable in the sounds it makes.”

As Molin went on to tell Wired:

“I drew out the dimensions in 3D software,” Molin said, starting with an 80cm cube on which the machine was built. But after that the machine was made using a technique philosophically similar to that of moulage — or moulding clothes directly onto a fashion doll. Each piece was built by Molin, moulded and adjusted gradually, leading to its gloriously misshapen final form.

Marble Music 3

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