Mindfulness and how it empowers us

There is so much written about mindfulness, mediation and wellbeing in today’s media, but what exactly is it, and how does it work?

Mindfulness is explained in this beautiful animation from Katy Davis (AKA Gobblynne), who also created the marvellous Power of Empathy video we featured a while back.

In this clip, Davis examines the meaning of the concept and its many benefits.

Using an old Native American analogy, mindfulness is presented as two wolves, battling within the heart of man. The message is a powerful and simple one which will not be forgotten quickly.

We’ve examined many of the benefits of these practices on My Good Planet. It’s inarguable that being more present makes us more productive, more empathetic and less anxious, but the health benefits (both mental and physical) can range even farther.

Mindful practices have been used to tackle migraines, respond better to stressful situations, or simply form a better opinion of ourselves.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

Paula Mulvanerty is a writer and busy mom of two who lives in the idyllic West of Ireland. Committed to living a natural, sustainable lifestyle, she is one of the driving forces behind My Good Planet's Product Focus, which sources and highlights ethical, environmentally-friendly items worth sharing with the world.