Moby releases new video highlighting our societal disconnect

Moby began his career as part of the New York hardcore and punk scene, but since then has become one of the most celebrated electronic musicians, activists and minds of our generation.

An advocate of animal rights, wellbeing and general supporter of a peaceful and constructive way of life, Moby is definitely our type of guy.

He’s also been a busy one of late, with a new autobiography crawling up the bestsellers list and an expansive ambient collection released for free earlier this year, we’ve been hearing a lot about Moby in recent months. This doesn’t look set to change, as his new video, which was released yesterday, is sure to cause a stir online when it inevitably goes viral.

The latest offering is an animated video, made in conjunction with Steve Cutts, and is taken from Moby’s new record; These Systems Are Failing, which is the debut collaboration between Moby and The Void Pacific Choir.

The video sees a lonesome protagonist, lost in a world in which people are engrossed in the screens which they hold in their hand; their morals and better judgement askew as a result of the unyielding distraction placed before them.

With several hard hitting moments, the animation deals with societal attitudes towards the way in which we interact, as well as examining a collective loss of empathy towards each other. It’s not only a worthwhile watch, it’s an essential one.