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Nat Johnson knows about how the old belief that dogs are man’s best friend is true on so many levels.

There are additional mindfulness elements to dog ownership, which are getting explored more often of late.

Apparently, dogs allow their owners to appreciate the moment more, and force them to live in the now; sharing their unabashed joy for life.

In a piece for tiny buddha entitled The Zen of Dogs: On Mindfulness, Compassion, and Connection, author Nicholas Montemarano speaks about how getting a dog allowed him to become closer to his family on a spiritual level.

One of the most important lessons Ralph teaches me is to live in the moment. She’s a creature of the present, and this inspires me to be more mindful.

Whenever I’m having one of those days when there never seems to be enough time and I’m multi-tasking and rushing through everything, Ralph grounds me.

She cries for me to walk her, and I may grumble at first—I may even try to rush her—but eventually I look at her, content sniffing a tree, and remember that there really is no rush and that this moment is the only one that matters.

Everyday Mindfulness also ran a piece on how dogs can teach us such important traits as acceptance, curiosity and unquestioning joy.

Earlier today Brain Pickings, a fabulous little site filled with trivia, quotations and generally entertaining content, ran a little story about the British singer / songwriter Nat Johnson and her ode to the canine state of carefree, perpetual zen, simply called DOG.

“If I had a dog, I would call him to me and we would forget about work and everything. 

If I had a dog, I would tell him my name and we would forget about money and everything.”

It is accompanied by a beautifully animated video and is a wonderful reminder to us all to slow down, stop worrying and simply be more dog.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

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