Night of Too Many Stars HBO autism fundraiser was a huge success

Night of Too Many Stars, Jon Stewart’s HBO special charity event aired last night, Saturday November 18th, live from Madison Square Garden.

It was a night of madcap sketch comedy, stand-up and an impassioned plea for people to pay attention to and support a very good cause.


Jon Stewart hosted the gala fundraiser, which saw celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Robert DeNiro, J.J. Abrams, Ben Stiller and Chris Rock appearing in a bid to raise funds for autism.


The show, which was started by Stewart and Robert Smigel, raised money for Next For Autism, an origination which “transforms the national landscape of services for people with autism by strategically designing, launching, and supporting innovative programs. We believe that individuals with autism have the potential to live fulfilling, productive lives when supported by excellent services and connected to their communities.”


We’ve come together for a night of levity, generosity, and since we’re on HBO… cowboy robot d*ngs,’ the Daily Show alumni joked in his introduction,, before going on to ride a CGI modded actor, pretending he was on a Game of Thrones dragon.


Smigel, a fellow comedy writer and long-time friend of Stewart, did a joint interview for The New York Times with his co-host. The piece investigates the changing nature of comedy, particularly in this confrontational entertainment environment (Louis CK was originally scheduled to appear, but was dropped as a result of recent controversy). Stewart also spoke of the challenges faces by Smigel, whose son has autism.

To hear about what he was dealing with and how much they had to move heaven and earth, just to get basic necessities, it was shocking.” Stewart told the NYT.

Supermodel Kate Upton also appeared with her new husband Justin Verlander, as well as a host of other celebrities.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

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