Nikki Bradley, the Irish mountaineering legend, is at it again.

Nikki Bradley should be no stranger to regular readers of My Good Planet.

The Irish outdoors adventurer has made numerous headlines, due to her fearless and astonishing achievements.


Nikki has managed to climb The Sturrall Headland, which soars an astonishing  200m out of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Donegal’s Slieve League peninsula, near Glencolmcille. The most amazing thing is that she has achieved this on crutches.

Only a handful of people have managed to make the climb, which makes Nikki Bradley’s achievement all the more astonishing. Bradley, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was 16, found out in 2011 that she would remain on crutches for the rest of her life. Since then, she has stopped at nothing to follow her goals. In the process, she has climbed and abseiled some of the most treacherous landscapes in Ireland and beyond.


The way I look at it is, I can fall on my ass and break the biggest bone in my body, or I can go and have an adventure and most likely return home safe,” says Nikki, “Falls are part of life.”

In a way, it was finding out that she would never walk unaided again which propelled Nikki to undertake these adventures.

Too many years had been wasted waiting to get better. I decided to take my life back.”

Nikki launched ‘Fighting Fit for Ewing’s‘ (FFFE). A campaign that highlights and promotes the importance of exercise in rehabilitation.

Within a few months I was off all painkillers for the first time in 10 years. My pain threshold sky-rocketed. I am living proof that it actually works!

The challenges are to to push myself and see what I can physically do with my setbacks; but also to provide a little splash of inspiration,” she says.

If someone is sitting at home, putting something on the long finger, and they see a post from me on Facebook, it could be just the little push they need.”

I have had those situations myself where I felt a bit down or a bit sorry for myself, but then been inspired by seeing inspiring people onlineThere’s a bit of a pay-it-forward thing here.”

You can watch a video of Nikki’s most recent adventure on the Irish Independent website.

Learn more about Nikki Bradley on nikkibradleyspeaks.com and on Facebook here. Iain Miller’s Unique Ascent is at uniqueascent.ie.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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