No-Kill Utah (NKUT) aims to save Utah’s homeless pets

No-Kill Utah, or NKUT, is an initiative created to reduce the numbers of cats and dogs put down in animal shelters. In fact, they want to reduce the number to zero-kill status by next year.

Seven dog years is not a lot of time to bring about such a large and important change. No-Kill Utah is spearheaded by Best Friends Animal Society and they have a clear plan set out to achieve their goal. NKUT is striving to increase the availability of spaying and neutering services, particularly in areas which tend to produce a larger number of stray animals. The idea is that with more spayed and neutered cats and dogs, the number of animals in shelters will decrease, which will also increase the demand for pets to adopt.

That’s not the entirety of NKUT’s influence though. They also host regular adoption events to spread awareness and bring more people face to face with animals in need of a good home.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the endeavour has produced significant results. Arlyn Bradshaw, the Best Friends–Utah executive director told the Tribune “When we first launched our initiative [in 2014], about 12,000 healthy and treatable animals were dying, being killed in Utah shelters”. That figure came down significantly within a year, reaching just 3,300 in 2015. Now, in 2018, Best Friends Utah wants to take that number all the way to zero-kill status.t Zero-kill would mean that the number of homeless animals euthanised is less than 10 percent.

No-Kill Utah is a labour of love and compassion, eager to see fewer animals going without homes or being put down simply because there are too many of them. If the initiative is successful in its goal of critically reducing the number of healthy homeless cats and dogs put down in Utah, it could set an example for other states to follow. For more information about the No-Kill Utah initiative, you can find the Best Friends-Utah website here.

Ronan Daly

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