Oliver Jeffers teams up with Soapply

Irish author and artist Oliver Jeffers is the creative force behind some of the most popular children’s books on the shelves today.  

The work of Oliver Jeffers has become beloved the world over, with early publications such as How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found and The Incredible Book Eating Boy taking pride of place alongside the likes of Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss.

Jeffers has committed his life to his craft. “I think I was always an artist,” he told The Guardian in 2016, but the world of children’s literature wasn’t his initial destination as a creative. “The kids’ books came very much as an accident,” he added, “They weren’t really made with an idea of what a contemporary audience of children might want to hear, but they were more to satisfy my own sense of curiosity.

Regardless, Jeffers’ formula of magical storytelling, and appreciation of nature and the world around us, has resulted in a variety of innovative, engaging and delightful stories which adults will take delight in reading repeatedly (as is often the request from little ones).

Yesterday, October 23rd, Jeffers announced via social media that he was teaming up with Soapply, a cosmetics company which helps fund water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives in developing countries. In the collaborative effort, Jeffers has designed a bottle to boost awareness of the good work which the company does.

Oliver is pleased to announce his limited edition bottle as the first of six parts of the Soapply Artist Series. In support of their like-minded drive to create items that are ethical and socially impactful, in this case, supporting water and hygiene initiatives in Ethiopia, his design is an extension of his body of work exploring the greatest unknown aspects of our planet: the vast oceans and outer space. 

In a sparkling turquoise motif -a change from the bottle’s simple black text – Oliver’s constellations and sea wrap the Soapply glass bottle and it’s packaging, inspired by the fundamental use of its contents and uplifting it’s previously quiet design with a sense of whimsy.

The bottles are limited edition, but are on sale from the official Soapply store at present.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

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