Organic September – more than just a season change

Autumn officially is here and it is time to harvest all the vegetables and fruits of summer, and it also means that Organic September is here. Organic September is an annual campaign led by The Soil Association in the UK. With this month The Soil Association aims to encourage people to change their purchasing habits and aims to raise awareness of organic products.

Organic September is a month-long annual campaign that aims to raise awareness of organic products, as well as producers and farmers who bring them to buyers in the UK. As The Soil Association puts it: “Organic food is food as it should be; it’s inspected and certified from farm to fork and it’s available nationwide.” When you buy organic food you can rest assured that the products you are buying:

  • don’t contain artificial additives and preservatives;
  • that only pesticides that are derived from natural ingredients are used in farming (organic farmers can use only 20 pesticides, in comparison of 300 that are used in regular farming);
  • contain no genetically modified ingredients;
  • have been produced in a sustainable way;
  • conform to high standards of animal welfare;

Even switching one item helps. As The Soil Association notes on their homepage:

“It’s simple – more people buying organic food means more organic farms. More organic farms means fewer pesticides, more wildlife and more animals raised under the highest standards. The choices you make with the food you eat have an impact on the world you live in. Switching to just one organic item can really help contribute to changing our food system for the better.”

If you are not sure where to start with Organic September, The Soil Association has prepared a neat little guide of “30 Ways to Organic Your September”. Even more, September 15 is Organic September Saturday, during which independent retailers across the UK will celebrate and showcase organic products that they sell.

And why stop at food, look at health and beauty products, as well as household cleaning products. Because, who really wants to put some synthetic chemicals on their body, if natural and organic alternative is available? All you have to do is do a bit of research and look for trusted assurance symbols and logos on the packaging, including The Soil Association symbol, to ensure that what you are buying is truly organic and natural. It is important to note, that cosmetics industry isn’t as strictly regulated, so what is written on the packaging might not really be true. Hence, The Soil Association campaigns and constantly draws awareness to help stop ‘greenwashing’ and show support to truly organic and natural products. To help you with finding products that are friendly to your body and your wallet, The Soil Association has compiled a handy list – Organic Beauty on a Budget.

This September and beyond wave goodbye to nasty chemicals and buy organic, support local farmers, grow and make your own if possible and most importantly be wise about what goes in and on your body. There are so many reasons to choose organic, let us know below in the comments what is yours.