Meet Oslo Solar; the future of sustainable office design

Oslo Solar is a new sustainable office building designed by the Norwegian firm Code Architecture as part of Futurebuilt; an initiative that is set to create 50 projects that possess the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the Oslo Solar building, which will be located in the nation’s capital, the entry area will feature a beautiful parking lot for hundreds of bicycles, as well as showers and changing rooms, washing areas for the machines and charging ports for 10 electric cars. There will, however, be no spaces for gas guzzlers anywhere nearby. Norway is staunchly committed to increasing its green status internationally and this is simply one of many measures being taken by the country to further that goal.
Norway Parking 1

According to Co.Exist:

The design is meant to encourage anyone coming to the building to get there on a bike instead of driving. “There are several trends pointing in that direction,” says Anders Solaas, executive vice president for letting and development at Entra, the building’s developer. “The political leadership in Oslo is crystal clear on [its] large ambitions for increased use of bicycles. Employees are making commuting their daily workout through cycling.”

Norway Bike 2

“When it’s completed, Oslo Solar will produce more energy than it uses—and possibly more than any other building in Europe.”

“The global real estate industry is a massive contributor to climate gas emissions,” Solaas says. “We see numerous initiatives to reduce this sector’s carbon footprint. Being in the forefront of this development gives us a competitive advantage, our customers are valuing it, and it is absolutely necessary to combat climate change. So yes, energy-positive buildings will be more common.”

Colin J McCracken

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