Our Team

Masthead – Core Team

Colin J McCracken – Director and Editor of My Good Planet

Colin McCracken

My Good Planet Director Colin J McCracken is a project leader, content designer, editor and writer from Ireland. Giving form and function to the My Good Planet vision, it has been his role to design and develop the online platform, content and presence of the project. Additionally, he has been responsible for overseeing all promotional, marketing and social media aspects of My Good Planet since the beginning.

Barry Prendergast

Barry Prendergast is the lead tech specialist and developer for My Good Planet. Through innovative design practices, he has assisted in making sure that My Good Planet remains on the cutting edge of media and publishing.

Paula Mulvanerty My good Planet

Paula Mulvanerty is a community and social media manager, as well as writer and product reviewer for My Good Planet. From designing our social media content, from memes to aesthetic control, Paula has it covered. With a keen eye for funky, ethical products and services, Paula has been instrumental in discovering the best brands out there, which are highlighted and focused on site.

Our Writers and Contributors

Ronan Daly

Ronan Daly is a contributor to My Good Planet who specialises in Technology and Science. With a Masters’ Degree in English, and over a decade’s experience as a teacher and writer, Ronan has brought a breezy, learned style to My Good Planet, making occasionally complex material accessible and understandable to all.

Charley Rogers My Good Planet

Charley Rogers is a writer and editor from South Wales, currently residing in Bristol with her fiancé and two cats. When not reading or attempting yoga, Charley is on the lookout for the best in vegan junk food. Areas of particular interest include sci-fi, technology ethics, carbs and naps. Not a fan of sports.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright is a video editor, writer and scientist whose work for My Good Planet has been hugely popular. His ability to make complex academic studies and developments into clear, concise and easy to understand content makes him every editor’s dream.

Special Mention

Ulli Lommel (1944-2017) – Former Director and Co-Founder of My Good Planet

With over fifty years’ experience in the film industry, Ulli Lommel (1944-2017) dedicated his time and knowledge to the nurturing of young talent. My Good Planet was his legacy to the world and his belief that a positive media outlet could flourish in a divisive society.