Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde help theft victim

Ozzy Osbourne is a performer, family man and iconic metal legend. He’s also not adverse to helping out a fan in need from time to time.

Lifelong Ozzy Osbourne fan Josh Cook of St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, fell foul of a car thief recently. The event set off a chain reaction of devastation which resulted in Cook losing his car, his job and, worst of all, his collection of heavy metal CDs.

Cook had been using the car to deliver pizzas, one of several jobs he holds to help care for his sick mother. After his car was robbed, he was fired and, even though the car was subsequently recovered, his beloved music collection was gone.

The hazard lights were on, there was no keys and they left one CD in the car,” he told CBC. “It was a good one too, a copy of Pride and Glory, early Zakk Wylde album, really good album actually.

Black Label Society frontman Wylde, who is also Ozzy’s longtime guitarist, was also instrumental in helping Cook find a little goodness in the world after the incident.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock:

After everything, somehow Zakk Wylde’s son got word of what happened,” Cook told CBC in a new interview. After he’d given his address to one of the guitarist’s representatives, a “massive box” of Black Label Society merchandise was delivered to him. A few days later, a similar box arrived from Osbourne, including a signed photo and his entire back-catalog of solo and Black Sabbath albums.

These guys, they don’t know who I am,” said Cook, who called the signed Osbourne photo his prized possession. “But they set me up with all this stuff. It’s amazing.” He said the music he was given is now seeing him through his new pizza delivery job.

Wylde is currently on tour with Black Label Society, but has vowed to return to play with Ozzy for the singer’s upcoming farewell tour.

Colin J McCracken
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