Photoshop editing on models to be banned by Getty Images

Photoshop editing models to make them look thinner is to be banned by Getty Images.

In an effort to promote positive body image online and reduce pressure for people to attempt to reach unattainable goals, the image hub made the announcement that no such photographs will be included in their archives.

The practice, which became commonplace in the 90s and 00s, has now almost become completely normalised and this is one of the first steps which have been made to combat it.

Photoshop Editing

The Verge reported that “On October 1st, Getty Images will amend its photo submission requirements to ban images that have been Photoshopped to make models look substantially thinner or larger. The policy update comes after a new law in France, which is set to take effect on the same day. The law will force magazine publishers to disclose whether commercial images have been retouched to change a model’s body shape.”

The publication added that “The new laws in France will also require fashion houses to employ runway models sized 34 or higher (dress sizes 4 and 6 in the US and Britain, respectively). Models will need to obtain medical notes from their doctors verifying that they are not dangerously thin and maintain a healthy body mass index. Failure to provide the note will result in the model’s agency being fined £64,000, or about $85,700. Only one state in the US — California — has a similar policy to France’s, which requires a doctor’s note verifying a model’s health and regular nutritional and physical counseling.

Getty clarifies that minor retouching, such as skin blemishes, hair color, or “nose shape” are acceptable, with the policy only applying to body shape manipulation. The changes will also apply to iStock, which is owned by Getty.”

This means that, while images such as the Katy Perry one shown could be banned, photos like the Beyonce one above could be allowed, despite creating a very different aesthetic and impression of the subject. Still a little work to go, but this comes as a magnificent first step.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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