Planet Earth rescued every baby turtle who wandered during emotional scenes

Planet Earth II, the groundbreaking nature show from the BBC, has been making headlines again.

Only last week we reported that more young viewers are watching Planet Earth II than X Factor. This time, the show has generated more feel-good stories.

Planet Earth II Baby Turtle

In one of the seasons most heartbreaking scenes so far, baby turtles were filmed going ‘off course’; away from the sea.

The baby turtles are usually guided towards the sea by the reflection of the night sky glimmering off the water. Unfortunately, due to a build up in urban areas surrounding the turtle’s habitat, more and more hatchlings are getting lost.

The scenes from this week’s show were incredibly emotional, causing many viewers to take to Twitter, sharing their grief and sadness.

Several members of the public even Tweeted the show directly, which prompted an unexpected, but delightful, response.

“Every turtle that was seen or filmed by the #PlanetEarth2 crew was collected and put back into the sea,” BBC Earth confirmed on Twitter.

Their response was retweeted all over the world, but one viewer asked: “What about thereafter? Any local groups monitoring?

The BBC / Planet Earth team also tweeted thanks to The Barbados Sea Turtle Project who perform daily rescue missions.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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