Pokémon Go unveils incentives for Earth Day

Earth Day 2018 is taking place on April 22nd with the aim as always of spreading environmental awareness and promoting events to reduce waste and clean up the environment. The popular Pokémon Go mobile app is encouraging its users to get in on the action this upcoming Earth Day by creating in-game incentives for players who gather for clean-up events. The game’s production company, Niantic has teamed up with Mission Blue and Playmob to get pokémon trainers worldwide involved in making the world a little cleaner and greener.

The Pokémon Go app has seen many updates since its initial release in July of 2016. Since January of this year, the app has also had monthly events when players have had the chance to catch rare pokémon and receive in-game bonuses. These Community Day events have been billed as a way to encourage players to go outside, explore and mingle with other players. In two weeks’ time, players in select locations around the world will have the option to unlock some perks by participating in a two-hour cleanup event from 10 am to 12 pm.

According to Forbes, the locations announced in the United States include five different locations in North Carolina as well as a location each in San Fransisco and Hawaii. At present, the Niantic website lists events in 12 different countries across America, Europe, and Asia, as well as an event on the island of Reunion, just east of Madagascar. What’s more, there is still time for players to suggest events at areas near them and encourage NGOs in their area to host the events.

Players who volunteer at the cleanup events will unlock bonus stardust, one of the in-game currencies for powering up players’ pokémon, but only if at least 1,500 volunteers show up. What’s more, the bonus will be added to if the number of volunteers tops 3,000 so there’s a big incentive for people to bring their friends and encourage all the players they know to take part.