Bambaw Safety Razor

There is no Planet B and the amounts of plastic on the landfills and in the oceans increase every minute. With so many innovative and sustainable products in the market, and sometimes it is simply the old and good with new design, it is getting harder and harder to continue to use plastic. Sustainable living doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have certain things in your life, you just have to do a bit of research and shop smarter, think long term, instead of short, think quality instead of quantity.

The previous article 5 Small Steps to Reduce Plastic Waste gives you an idea of how to start to reduce your plastic waste, 5 simple things that you can substitute now for their more sustainable options.

I am happy to report that to that list you can add the 6th step; which turned out to be a lot easier than I could have ever imagined. A bit over a month ago I got my first safety razor, thanks to Bambaw Zero Waste. Think old style, the ones you see in the Westerns, when rough men shave their beards with a really determined look on their faces. That can be you now – shaving your beard, legs or armpits with a really determined look! I always thought that shaving with a safety razor means getting cuts constantly and unavoidably, due to the fact that the blade is so sharp. Hence, I was partially (read: a lot!) worried about this switch. Now, after trying it out for over a month, I can highly recommend this switch.

After the shave my skin is a lot smoother, if there are any minor cuts, they are far less than before (in a bit over a month I cut myself once, in comparison, I usually cut myself every second time I shaved my legs) and they heal a lot quicker (the cut is cleaner thanks to one and sharper blade). Your first shave might not be as quick, however once you get used to the weight of the handle and the fact you don’t have to put any pressure on the razor for it to shave, you will shave as quickly as before. There is nothing to lose you will only win with a smoother shave that will last longer. In addition, you will save some money. You buy handle only once (Bambaw Safety Razor is 15.99 eur) and you can get 10 blades for 2.99 eur, they will last you for at least 10 months.

Bambaw Zerowaste is small company based in Belgium; that provides simple solutions to plastic pollution. Beside safety razors they also offer bamboo straws, bamboo toothbrushes, wooden cutlery sets, reusable paper towels, and biodegradable cotton buds. Bambaw Safety Razor (blades are not included) arrives in a nice and simple carton biodegradable box with a simple cotton thread tied around the box. Even though the foam inside is not yet biodegradable, the company said they are working on it and plan to make it all 100% biodegradable by September this year. The handle feels really good in the hand and it is easy to adjust to shaving with it. On the other side of the box you will find a QR code which you can scan and it will give you a sort of a user manual for your razor or alternatively you can find it here. Besides shaving tips it also gives you instructions on how to make your own shaving cream (haven’t tried it yet, and if you don’t have time to make your own I highly recommend Dudu Osun black soap).

Just remember to leave the blade behind when you travel with hand luggage only, and dismantle your handle, so you don’t get caught up in airport’s security check.

When you get a Bambaw Safety Razor for yourself, remember to get one for your other special half or your dad (my dad snagged up mine after the first shave). Make the switch; show our planet that you care.

Baiba Šustere

Baiba Šustere is a staff writer and wellness expert for My Good Planet. Specialising in mindfulness, health and wellbeing, Baiba's work has inspired and touched many of our readers over the course of her time with us. Her time studying to become a Yoga teacher in India gave her a unique perspective on life; one which she generously shares with us regularly.