Brickell Natural Men’s Grooming

Brickell Men’s Grooming Products have been getting fantastic reviews online, often cited as being some of the best natural products available, so it was inevitable that we’d have to put them to the test!

It’s a delight to confirm that the hype is real! Brickell have succeeded in creating an absolutely scrumptious range of natural cosmetics with a range of superb results.

After doing some initial research, Josh and Matt, the founders of the company, were disgusted at the amount of toxins which appeared in the majority of men’s cosmetics.

All the best skin care products seemed to be for the ladies and buying a men’s product from a traditional female focused company didn’t feel right.

This inspired them to create and launch a range of wonderfully concocted, gentle and beneficial men’s cosmetic line.

Brickell pride themselves in using only the ‘highest quality, natural & organic ingredients to offer the most effective men’s skincare and grooming products’, and that attention to quality certainly comes across when their range is sampled.

I’ve been using my partner as a guinea pig for this product focus and, despite his aversion to facemasks and excessive pampering, he noticed the difference almost instantly.

As part of the product focus, we sampled several of the Brickell range. He works on the computer a lot so his eyes tend to get tired and sore by the end of the day. For this, I chose the Brickell Restoring Eye Cream for men.

Within a couple of days of using it in the mornings and evenings (along with the Reviving Face Wash) it had a huge effect.

My skin’s definitely feels less taut and tired,” he said, “The eye cream makes the puffiness go down in the morning and the facewash helps me to wake up better than when I wasn’t using it.’

A mix of natural aromatic infusions of the organic ingredients that Brickell proudly use, mean that a gorgeous, subtle air of fresh, healthy scent is left behind afterwards.

I’ll stick with it for sure,” he added, confirming that Brickell will now be a part of his daily skincare routine. Additionally, he has been using the Strengthening Shampoo, which has also had an immediate effect; with less in-shower hair loss and a thicker, better conditioned appearance within just a few washes.

So, whether you’re buying for yourself, or for a loved one, they will be over the moon with any of the huge range which Brickell offer (including beard care, moisturizers and day serums). They sell gift sets and kits, as well as individual items and offer an introductory discount and sample set for new customers.

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