Chocolate and Love, Delicious Sustainability

Okay, many of you might have just started New Year’s diets, so maybe January isn’t the ideal time to talk about chocolate, but it’s cold out and we like our comforts. 

Chocolate and Love is our latest Product Focus, where we break down (and occasionally consume) the finest ethical products on the market. What drew us in first was the gorgeous floral packaging but, soon afterwards, My Good Planet discovered that there was an amazing story behind the product.

It was, in fact, so amazing, that we had to acquire a whole stack of bars, just so we could confirm that it was true.

Photo (c) Sarah Coghill

The creators of Chocolate and Love are a huge part to play in the story of the brand. Richard O’Connor, a self-professed ‘chocolate-craving Scotsman‘ and Birgitte Hovmand, a ‘foodie Dane‘ gave up their day jobs to focus on their love of chocolate and it was a gamble that certainly paid off.

The company has gone from strength to strength, winning no less than 5 Great Taste Awards in 2017. The focus on cacao over sugar makes these a healthier (and far tastier option) than a lot of supermarket chocolate, but that’s just the beginning.

All ingredients used in the bars are certified organic, with a ‘farm to fork‘ guarantee which confidently states that each individual element, be it coffee or mint, comes with a certificate of conformity. Additionally, all workers involved in the sourcing of ingredients are paid a fair wage, as well as helping to boost and improve local economies and infrastructures.

Photo (c) Sarah Coghill

All of this is wholly inspirational, but what of the taste?

Well, like a fine wine, or a good short story, chocolate is something to be savoured, not gorged upon, and Chocolate and Love certainly provides immense rewards for those willing to take their time to enjoy it.

A range of subtle, yet distinctive, flavours burst forth from each segment. Be they rich and powerful (as we found with the Coffee 55%) or refreshing and tangy (Pomegranate 70%). The balance of additional flavours has been handled with remarkable precision, creating a memorable and wholly satisfying experience.

So, if you’re looking for an ethical, delicious alternative to some of the usual chocolates, and are still undecided, remember that dark chocolate provides some amazing health benefits such as improving heart health, reducing blood pressure and acts as an antioxidant superfood. That means that while Chocolate and Love are looking after the planet as they produce, you could be looking after yourself while you partake! Yummy!