Donegal Natural Soap Company

The Donegal Natural Soap Company are an Irish company with a range of all-natural products which are destined to be loved by absolutely everyone. 

While looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, we admit that we may have been focusing more on the girls because, let’s face it, we deserve a little bit of extra pampering whenever the occasion arises. This time, however, we wanted to get something for the boys and we were lucky enough to stumble across the range of shaving and skincare products from The Donegal Natural Soap Company.

This was just the tip of the iceberg, because once we started investigating the company a little further, we unearthed an absolutely brilliant range of candles, oils, shave kits and soaps, as well as a lovely backstory too:

Isobel Sangha founded the company in 2010 after she discovered that her 2-year-old son had a skin condition known as atopic eczema. After conducting some research into the causes of the uncomfortable and irritating problem, Isobel, who has a background in Engineering and Biomed, discovered that a great deal of the blame could be attributed to the vast array of chemicals and products that come in contact with our skin every day; from fabric softeners to shampoos and cleansers. This led her to creating a range of 100% natural, sustainable soap products, all from her kitchen in Donegal, located in the picturesque North West of Ireland.

Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, and the vast range of testimonials from satisfied customers goes to prove it! My Good Planet can now be added to that ever-growing list, because we’ve fallen completely in love with these sustainable, aromatic delights and we’re never looking back.

The Donegal Natural Soap Company range includes a number of kits (for him and for her) which contain washing, shaving or beautification sets. We gifted one of the shaving kits to our Editor in Chief and he reported back that he was really impressed with the effect that the shaving soap and brush had brought about. Cheekily, we kept the soaps (for scientific research of course), but can confirm that they are gorgeous, containing subtle, but definitive scents. Each soap produced a balmy lather which left the skin feeling soft, moisturised and cleansed. We can’t recommend them enough, and they would make the absolutely perfect gift for someone looking for a unique and natural Irish product.

Our next mission is to try out some of the essential oils and candles which they make (complete with adorable old-timey, ceramic candlestick holders) , and we will keep you posted on the results in the near future.

Donegal Natural Soap Company products are available from their official website, and they are also contactable through their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Paula Mulvanerty
Paula Mulvanerty

Paula Mulvanerty is a writer and busy mom of two who lives in the idyllic West of Ireland. Committed to living a natural, sustainable lifestyle, she is one of the driving forces behind My Good Planet's Product Focus, which sources and highlights ethical, environmentally-friendly items worth sharing with the world.