Scents of Galway

Scents of Galway is a company which has been on the My Good Planet radar for some time, and for good reason. 

The Wild Atlantic Way, which spans Ireland’s rugged coastline, is a magical, unforgettable place which contains some of the rarest and most unique flora and fauna imaginable. Additionally, the area is now booming with artisanal crafts, foods and small businesses which draw inspiration from their surroundings. This has resulted in some marvellous products, many of which embody the rich, natural wealth which is to be found in this wild and alluring setting.

Scents of Galway is one such example. Referring to Galway as the cultural capital of Ireland (a claim which has been further legitimised by the allocation of Galway as the 2020 European City of Culture), they elaborate upon the motivational diversity which can be found in this county:  “From the wild, windswept terrain of Connemara to the green, lush green fields to the east and breathtaking beauty of the south, Galway is a county rich in culture and tradition.”

One of the traditions of the West of Ireland has always been self-sufficiency, be it by necessity in times gone by, or preference in the modern age. This loyalty to their locale has allowed artists, writers, poets and creators of all kinds to flourish, but also farmers, bakers, brewers and candle-makers. The Scents of Galway company strive to encapsulate the aromas of local produce, creating a delicate hybrid of form and function.

Their range includes gentle, aromatic soap and sumptuous soy candles, both of which are handmade with love and care, using 100% natural ingredients, many of which have been sourced in the wild west of Ireland.

We tested both of the currently produced soy candles as part of our product focus and we were absolutely delighted with how gorgeous the My Good Planet HQ was left as a result. The subtle and noninvasive aromas hang in the air without any sense of the chemical toxicity which comes with most store-bought scented candles. That’s where the natural elements make all the difference. Scents of Galway use only high-quality essential oils for their products, meaning that there are no harmful or damaging elements emitted. There is a luxurious, sensual aroma which comes from the Sweet Connemara Heather candle which would make it the perfect gift for that special someone, even if that special someone is yourself (we’re all about the self-care here at MGP).

All newly made Scents of Galway candles will have a burn time of 40 hours, and with an average store price of between €15-17, that means you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. The real difference, however, is the quality. The balance and precision with which these scents have been crafted is second to none, and we’ve gone through a few of them so far, meaning that they’re definitely becoming our go-to when it comes to creating a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

Scents of Galway products are available through their website, Facebook or Twitter pages. They have been bought in bulk for events such as weddings, and are also sold locally at markets and in specialist coffee shops. We can’t recommend them enough, so treat yourself or someone you love to a little bit of magic from the Wild Atlantic Way.