The Pear in Paper

the pear in paper is an Irish company creating hand-printed artwork and stationary, and we’ve totally and unashamedly fallen in love with their work.  

the pear in paper range contains a spirited sense of individualism, which is all down to the imagination and vision of creator; Lynn Costello Erskine.

Based in Donegal, located on the rugged, picturesque North West of Ireland, the pear in paper’s heart and soul lies both with its founder and its form. The authenticity and charm which can be found in the cards, prints and paraphernalia which are produced by the company stem from an original treadle based letterpress platen, which was built in 1872 and is as carbon neutral as it gets. “(It) uses no motor or electricity; each piece is created with slow, deliberate execution,” says Costello Erskine on her website:

In 2016, i restored a treadle based press (affectionately named florrie) and today we are inseparable, we are a great team, a force to be reckoned with.  she prints with such precision and grace.  every day, the smell of ink, the whizz of the fly wheel, the ‘ding’ as the rollers ink the plate are little reminders of why i love what i do and why we all should fight for our dreams.” – Lynn Costello Erskine, creator of the pear in paper

This investment of both tools and technique has led to the creation of something we almost didn’t think was possible; a greeting card which we look forward to purchasing. Let’s be honest here, who hasn’t had that sinking feeling of walking (under obligation) into a high street stationers and looking at the endless rows of plastic-encased cards, each a testimonial to crass, uncaring commercialism.

That’s what hit home when we first received one of the pear in paper’s cards from a friend. We were blown away with the elegance, the sentiment and the overall quality of it (not to mention a great choice of quote). This led us to exploring further.

Imagine our surprise when we found out just how many similarities the pear in paper shares with us here at My Good Planet! The ecological motivations behind this grass roots operation really inspired us because, as it turns out, Lynn Costello Erskine has been focused on such matters for a long time now. On My Creative Edge, Costello Erskine delves into the environmental factors which she outlines as follows:

With a background in environmental studies, the planet was always going to be a core concern of our business.  We take pride in our use of recycled, tree free paper goods and in our environmentally friendly ethos here at The Pear in Paper. We are inspired by nature and its conservation.  We choose to print the old fashioned way using sustainable practices and production. Our card is tree free, our envelopes are 100% recycled and our protective, clear sleeves are made from corn starch making them fully biodegradable.”

When we placed a little order with the pear in paper, the cards arrived incredibly quickly, with a handwritten thank you binding them all together. This is how a greeting should be given, in a carefully chosen manner, which will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of any recipient.

Once again, it’s amazing to find another superb, environmentally minded Irish company making high-quality, innovative and artistic work like this. We can strongly advise further investigation, but don’t blame us if it changes your card buying habits forever.