VOYA Seaweed Cosmetics

VOYA Seaweed Cosmetics are the perfect, all-natural antidote for someone looking to distance themselves from cosmetics companies who still impose unhealthy and questionable R&D practices.

While the concept of natural solutions may seem like a recent trend, the VOYA story dates back over a century, to the opening of the first seaweed baths in Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Known for their revitalising and regenerative effects, immersing oneself in seaweed has been proven to lower body stress and relieve skin conditions. After the original Strandhill baths were destroyed in the early ’60s, VOYA reopened them in 2000, which led to a subsequent product concept.

VOYA cosmetics were the brainchild of founders Mark and Kira Walton, who traded in their hectic corporate careers to focus on something more wholesome and with greater meaning. In the past 12 years or so, the Waltons have created a range of effective and luxurious cosmetics, all of which encapsulate the spirit and refreshing energy of the Wild Atlantic Way.

According to their story, the Waltons have also “brought wellness into the workplace with yoga and meditation classes for their employees. Embracing the west coast quality of life, the importance of laughter, family and friends combined with a relentless hunger and drive in a team that strives for ‘a better way’ is key to the success of this business.”

With a backstory like this, and an admirable ethical and organic philosophy which sees only natural ingredients used in the creation of all VOYA products, it seems that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out some of their cosmetic line.

My Good Planet tested some of the seaweed soap, as well as the Relaxing Body Oil (which is also used at the spa in Co. Sligo) and both were unbelievable. Natural cosmetics can be so hit and miss, with texture, resonance and scent all being factors, before eventual effect is even brought into play. The VOYA products, however, came up trumps in all categories.

There is an indulgent, inspiriting sensation brought about from using these cosmetics, and we’ll certainly be testing more of their range in the near future. The key to any successful body oil is to create something which is both absorbent and enriching, but also something which feels beneficial and renewing. It’s a joy to report that the VOYA Relaxing Body Oil provided all of the above and more. The soap was an equally worthwhile experience, resulting in a tender, renewal of the skin.

The VOYA story doesn’t end their either. They are also hugely involved in several environmental projects which certainly warrant a mention as part of our focus. The company are actively involved in Seal Rescue Ireland, a volunteer-run service which deals with up to 600 cases a year. They not only sponsor the organisation, but also adopt a seal pup every month, which goes towards the “daily care of the seal pups including providing food and fish to eat, clean water, vet services and medicine.” The company also works with the World Land Trust,as they strive to reduce carbon emissions and assist wildlife populations around the globe.

We started this product focus in search of an interesting ethical or natural item which would make a pleasant gift for someone, what we found was nothing short of an inspirational story. What VOYA and the Walton family have achieved is nothing short of amazing, they are clearly living the dream and we are more than happy to acknowledge and support it.

But for now, we’re off to try the seaweed baths…catch you later!

VOYA products can be purchased via the official website or by select stockists (such as The Natural Way, Clarinbridge, Co Galway, where we picked up ours!).