Wilkies Bean to Bar Organic Chocolate

Wilkies Bean to Bar Chocolate is an Irish product which has been creating a mouth-watering range of all-natural, vegan products for around 6 years. 

We decided to try Wilkies Bean to Bar Chocolate as part of our ongoing search to find vegan alternatives to standard dairy-based confectionery, and we are so happy that we discovered this brand in our local health food store.

First off, the minimal use of ingredients makes for a sumptuous and delectable flavour, which is accentuated by the subtle blends which Wilkies have achieved. The differences between the bars are surprisingly evident, with single origin organic Criollo Cocoa Beans from Peru being the core of this individualistic sensation (the beans are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, which explains a lot).

This family run business, based in Midleton, Cork, was founded by Shana Wilkie in 2012. Source and sustainability were two major factors when she was establishing the business:

We all have a huge interest in where our food comes from and the processes used to make it. I personally, have a great love for all food (eating as much as cooking). Our general love for food, natural curiosity of how things work and where they come from lead me to starting Wilkies Chocolate.” Shana Wilkie

We are very small producers of quality chocolate. We make our chocolate with regional beans (single origin) and in very small batches and without adding any flavours or emulsifiers. We are constantly experimenting with different techniques to achieve the best possible flavour as each new bean brings a new set of challenges.” – Shana Wilkie

The health benefits of natural chocolate and cacao are amazing; magnesium, vitamin E and copper in cacao and dark chocolate may be helpful in preventing heart disease, while ‘compounds in pure chocolate and cacao have long been credited with increasing and balance serotonin levels, contributing to feelings of contentment and happiness’.

Guilt free chocolate that’s actually good for you? Where do we sign?

You can stay up to date with the company and their range on the official Facebook and Twitter pages.