Yoga Democracy: sustainably made by free range humans

As an animal rights activist, a nature lover, a yoga teacher and a citizen of Planet Earth, I try to seek out the friendliest options that will leave the smallest footprint on our planet. Hence when I stumbled upon Yoga Democracy while doing the research on recycled clothing made out of PET bottles for Plastic Free July, I was excited to see a brand whose values are so much in line with my own values. Psst, these leggings are now my second skin.

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Yoga Democracy pretty much has it all in their name – a brand that is created by “free range humans” who care about our planet Earth. The company was founded in 2015 in Cave Creek, Arizona and here is why I love Yoga democracy. Three things: sustainability, free range humans and great quality.

This review will discuss YD company and in particular their Artezen leggings, created in collaboration with a yoga teacher Robin Martin. I love the dreamy and mesmerising print on these leggings, and the colours remind me of the sunny days I spent in my yoga teacher training in Dharamkot, India.

Before this review goes into a deeper detail, it is important to note that the leggings were received in 100% recycled paper envelope, with no extra labels or any other packaging, just an envelope, that simple. The minimalist and simple packaging truly brought smile to my face.

Go on, read below my verdict on the leggings and the brand itself. Let me know what you think and whether you have tried their leggings before.


95% of YD products use recycled fibres; at the moment the recycled fabrics that YD use in their leggings are Econyl and Lycra Xtralife. They are light, sweat wicking, offer UPF protection and most importantly are nature friendly. What is more, YD wherever possible prints the labels inside of the leggings, just like it was with my Artezen leggings that are made of Lycra Xtralife. The eco-friendly (a zero water process, none at all), non-toxic dyeing process produces vibrant and fade free colours. In fact the colour is baked into the fabric, thanks to baking there is none of the white on stretching effect. Hence when you put your leggings on for the first time they indeed seem a bit too snug, but then they embrace your legs, just like a second skin. Magic!

In addition, YD aim for a low water impact in their production and supply chain;  YD is almost 100% vertically integrated, meaning whatever they sell is made in-house at the YD workshop, from design to dyeing to sewing, and order fulfilment.

Free Range Humans:

All their leggings are made in-house at the YD workshop by the wonderful free range humans, who are always there to help and answer your questions. Quoting YD humans themselves:

“We are a company made up of the people who actually make your clothing. […] We’re committed to paying a fair wage and charging a fair price.”

Plus, these humans are not into marketing, in fact they spend very little on it, make everything less rather than too much to avoid waste, and mainly sell everything through their online shop. Minimalism, fairness and sustainability sums up YD humans.

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Almost forgot, YD humans also help and support others, at the moment they have released a limited edition “Texas Strong” leggings to raise funds for American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief; all profits from the sale of these leggings go to the charity.


YD Artezen yoga leggings are made of Lycra Xtralife fabric. This fabric is sweat wicking to keep your skin cool during hotter yoga sessions; breathable – really important, especially during Ashtanga yoga practice; odour free – you might get sweaty but that smell is not coming from your leggings; offers UPF protection, chlorine resistance and muscle control. Have washed these leggings around five times, they still keep their shape and are dry in no time. They are thin and lightweight, but truly hardy leggings, accidentally zipped them into my bags zipper while packing, the leggings came out with no damage done. The waistband is wide with no elastic and fuss, thanks to four way stretch fabric these leggings stay where you put them. My all time favourite leggings for my Ashtanga yoga practice in particular.

Verdict: Bold colours, dreamy prints, sustainably made by free range humans resulting in fantastic quality. Leggings are snug at first, just to embrace your legs tighter; a second skin that will hardly ever come off.

Yoga Democracy

Oh and one more point, Yoga Democracy is a member of “1% for the Planet”, an international organisation, whose members contribute at least 1% of their annual sales to various environmental causes.

Shop Yoga Democracy here and to show our gratitude to you, the reader, and encourage you to support sustainable brands use the code YOGABAIBA at the check out to get 20% off from your order.

Enjoy and let us know what you think of these leggings below in comments section.

Baiba Šustere

Baiba Šustere is a staff writer and wellness expert for My Good Planet. Specialising in mindfulness, health and wellbeing, Baiba's work has inspired and touched many of our readers over the course of her time with us. Her time studying to become a Yoga teacher in India gave her a unique perspective on life; one which she generously shares with us regularly.