YOPE – Natural household products and toiletries

YOPE are a company based in Poland who have created a range of natural and environmentally friendly products for all over the home. 

We discovered YOPE in one of our local health food stores and what stood out most at first was the super cute packaging, featuring a range of adorable critters.

Upon taking a closer look, the natural and non-toxic elements which make up the YOPE range are the true selling point. As someone with young children in the house, it’s really important for me to pay attention to what they’re exposed to in terms of chemicals and cleaning agents, so I try and keep harsh cleaning products to a minimum.

After using the YOPE products for a week or so now, I can definitely recommend them. The household cleaning range is massively effective. They also leave a pleasant natural aromas such as bergamot and lavender.

It was really exciting to find that they also do a range of handwash for kids, as well as body lotions, hand cremes and shower gels. This mixture of the practical and pampering is definitely appealing. Making a natural choice is always a no-brainer,  but the key is to find something which isn’t too Spartan or joyless. Thankfully, YOPE have managed to create a winning combination of ethical, natural and sumptuous skincare, as well as practical, everyday cleaning products. That’s not an easy thing to do.