Puppy Farms to be banned in the UK

Puppy farms and kitten farms are to be banned in a recent ruling by the UK government. 

Puppy farms, which breed vast numbers of expensive dogs, are a multi-million Pound industry in the country, however, they are often unethical, cruel and negative practices, due to their unmonitored status.

The new bill will see all commercial third-party sales banned outright. It will also mean that the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops will also be outlawed.

The announcement was made this week, by the UK’s environmental secretary, Michael Gove. As reported in The Guardian;

‘(British Prime Minister) Theresa May first spoke of an intended crackdown on “battery dogs” in December, in the wake of the Lucy’s Law campaign by a coalition of animal rights charities.

Lucy’s Law campaign was named after a severely malnourished King Charles spaniel who was rescued from a breeding site. She had been forced to breed several times a year and her puppies were taken away after just four weeks – half the recommended time.’

“A ban on third-party sales will ensure the nation’s much loved pets get the right start in life. People who have a complete disregard for pet welfare will no longer be able to profit from this miserable trade.” – Michael Gove, UK Environmental Secretary.

Those who abuse animals will also be in line for harsher punishments under the new regulations, which has come as good news to animal rights campaigners.

“Coupled with the new licensing regime and proper enforcement, we believe the new system will help ensure better health and welfare for dogs, and will better protect people from being duped by unscrupulous sellers.” – David Bowles, assistant director of public affairs – RSPCA

The ban will not completely outlaw all breeders, but those wishing to maintain the practice of breeding animals will have to adhere to far more scrutiny than before. Rehoming and animal shelters will remain unaffected.