106 yr old Roberta McCain told she was too old to rent a car; bought one instead

Roberta McCain, the 106 year old mother of John McCain, has always had a sense of adventure. 

A story transpired this week about Roberta McCain which should act as an inspiration to any of us who are ever told we are ‘too old’ to do something.

Roberta and the late John McCain at a campaign rally in the late 2000s. (c) AP

When Mrs McCain was holidaying in Europe a few years ago (she was 93 at the time), she was refused a car by a rental agency, on the grounds that she was too old.

This did not deter her from enjoying her holiday, as she simply bought a Peugeot instead, one which she had shipped back to the US at the end of her journey. In fact, once the new car was sent back to American soil, Roberta McCain took it on a road trip across the country, from the East Coast to San Francisco. When she arrived in California, she gifted the car to her nephew.

According to Business Insider:

She has always loved to travel, and many of her adventures were in the company of her twin sister, who died in 2011.

According to the AP, John McCain, who died last week at age 81, once got a call from his mother telling him she was on a cross-country driving trip — alone, while in her 90s.

Over the weekend, Roberta McCain attended a funeral service for her son, ‘whom she still calls “Johnny,”. She has outlived her son, her twin sister, and her Navy admiral husband of nearly 50 years.

John McCain wrote in his final book that although a stroke had slowed his mother’s pace, her “vivaciousness is a force of nature,” and she still has “a spark in her, a brightness in her eyes that would light up the world if she could resume her peripatetic life.”