The School of Life opens in Sao Paolo, Brazil

The School of Life is an educational and philosophical organization helmed by Alain de Bottton, one of the most prominent and progressive philosophical minds of today.

School of Life Brazil 2

With an educational focus on ‘emotional intelligence‘, the School of Life aims to make us all better people, whilst also giving us the skills to navigate life with a minimum of heartbreak, upset and despair.

With a YouTube audience of almost 3 million subscribers, it seems that there are plenty of people out there looking for some guidance.

But just what is ‘emotional intelligence‘? Thankfully, as with most important topics, The School of Life has got it covered.

An array of lessons on life, love and loss are available on the official site and the YouTube page, but for those looking for a more traditional teaching environment, there are bricks and mortar School of Life venues in London, Paris and now, Brazil.

The Official Facebook Page is filling up with reviews and testimonials from students who have been experiencing de Botton’s way of teaching.

The expansion of de Botton’s educational empire into Brazil is a hugely positive one, showcasing an adventurous and ambitious intent to bring his philosophy of kindness and wellbeing to new territories.

One of the catalysts of de Botton’s online popularity stemmed from this 2009 TED Talk, in which he addressed the concept of career anxiety and our own perceptions of success. The video, entitled ‘a kinder, gentler philosophy of success, has racked up almost a million views and still resonates, almost a decade after its original release.



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