Springtime has arrived – let’s enjoy it

Spring is here! There is nothing better than bathing in a warm sunshine and smelling the first flowers blooming, especially the first cherry blossoms; it is a sort of a magic trick performed by Mother Nature. As the nature awakens so do our minds and bodies after a winter slumber, and there are few tricks of how to invite that fresh spring feeling into our homes. Plus, these tips will not only make your home look better, but also will improve your mood and reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Read on for the best ways to invite spring into your home.

  1. A spring clean

There is no better way to invite the fresh and sweet spring air in than by doing a spring cleaning. Start by cleaning your windows inside and out that will immediately invite sunshine into your house. Wash or freshen up your curtains, wipe over door handles, organise your bookshelf, give your carpets a good clean, your house will immediately feel fresher. And lastly, but not least – de-clutter. Start with your bedroom, where you spend most of your time, so it is important to keep that space nice and tidy. Don’t forget to go through your wardrobe and fold away your winter woollies and bring out your spring and summer clothing. And then work your way through living room and kitchen. It is time to clean out all the cupboards and get rid of long forgotten bits and pieces that have been there for who knows how long. Cleaning, organising and de-cluttering will revive your living space. Refresh your home and give it a clean start this spring.

  1. Add a splash of colour and accents

Introduce some accents into your house, be it by simply changing the cases on your couch cushions or getting some colourful throws. Or maybe change up your curtains or put up some colourful wall art. Just few of those will make your home look more vibrant. Keep it simple and light, yet be creative and see what suits your taste and already existing interior.

  1. Bring it on with plants

Plants can be great also for adding some colour to your home, you can mix and match different flower pots and different plants. Look for some plants that will blossom throughout the spring and summer. We highly recommend indoor jasmine; the sweet scent will not only make your space tranquil, but will also calm your mind. Plus the small white blossoms will brighten up your home. Peace lily is another great plant that blooms throughout spring, in addition peace lily will improve the air quality in your home according to NASA.

Put some herbs on your kitchen windowsill or counter top, they will not only smell beautiful (especially mint and basil) but will also up your food game. Be creative and bring some green into your home.

  1. Flower power

Fresh cut flowers are one of the best ways to bring in some brightness and spring feel into your home. They not only look beautiful, they smell lovely, plus it is scientifically proven that flowers are a great mood booster; they can reduce stress and anxiety. As Well and Good writes:

“A study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, PhD, a Harvard psychologist found that participants felt less negative after living in a home with flowers for a few days. ‘We’ve had a lot of people say that working with flowers is a Zen experience in and of itself,’ says Christine. ‘But just seeing flowers signals that you’re entering a safe and welcoming space. If you want to create a warm environment, flowers are the way.’”

So when you pass by your local flower market do stop and smell some roses, better yet, get some fresh flowers and put them beside your bed. What a better way to wake up than by smelling and looking at flowers, it will make your day bloom!

We hope these simple tips will help you to awaken your mind and senses this spring, most importantly don’t forget to soak up all the sunshine whenever you get a chance.