Sustainable Gift Guide Part 2 – Vegan Christmas Goodies

For this week’s Sustainable Gift Guide My Good Planet explores and shares some edible vegan homemade gift ideas. We can promise it will be a tasty experience! However, don’t worry; it’s not essential to be a master chef to cook up or prepare these gifts but, we will warn you, it may take a lot of willpower to not to eat everything before you gift it.

Christmas time is filled with various snacks, foods and treats; both sweet and savoury, but sometimes there’s a lack of quality vegan goodies. There can never be too much deliciousness to tuck into while we are enjoying tabletop games or movie marathons with our loved ones, so we wanted to tackle that by gathering up some of our favourites.

Sharing food always brings joy and happiness, so this holiday season My Good Planet would like to encourage you to not only share healthy and delicious food, but also gift it.

Below we have created a list of easy to make, healthy treats and savoury snacks that you can give to your loved ones this Christmas. Trust us, they’ll appreciate the effort, plus, you’ll be contributing to a waste free holiday that’s good for you and the planet as well.


Homemade granola makes a fantastic gift. It’s great for breakfast and it makes a brilliant snack at any time of day. It’s quick and easy to make and, in addition, it’s healthy and filled with nuts and seeds. You can easily make it gluten free, and opt out from any ingredients that you might not like and substitute them with something else. And it can be stored and gifted in a reusable glass jar, which always looks impressive.

Some of our favourites include:

Green Kitchen Stories’ Christmas Granola – it smells and tastes like Christmas, it will not only make a delightful Christmas gift, but also great and healthy breakfast after Christmas day feast.

My New Roots’ Chocolate Buckwheat Granola – for all the chocolate lovers, it’s earthy and oh so chocolaty. Plus, buckwheat contains antioxidants (great for cold season), improves heart health and digestion. Good to know, despite its name buckwheat isn’t related to wheat, it is a seed of a flowering fruit that is related to rhubarb.

Earthsprout’s Granola Gravel – as the name already hints, this is the best granola for snacking, it’s crunchy and utterly filling. It’s grain free, vegan and packs a nice dose of healthy fatty acids and protein.

Earthsprout My Good Planet


Chocolate lovers rejoice, you won’t be running out anymore, because if you do, now you will know how to make it. It’s quite an easy process once you nail the double boiler method. Most importantly, chocolate doesn’t have to be in a bar form, get whatever silicone forms you like, fill them up and have fun. Or stick with the traditional bar (always satisfying).

Here are our top choices for easy home-made chocolate:

Minimalist Baker’s Easy Vegan Chocolate – it is only 3 ingredients. Just melt, mix, pour and cool. And you got yourself some healthy dose of chocolate. Experiment with optional extras, such as sea salt flakes, cacao nibs, chilli flakes, candied orange and cinnamon for the ultimate sense of Christmas.

Earthsprout’s Real Deal Raw Love Chocolate – this recipe makes a slightly darker chocolate, and it offers some inspirational ways of how you can decorate your chocolate, especially useful if you plan to gift it and not eat it as soon as it settles. Good luck with that!

Raw Truffles

Great for snacking on the go, we love to take these when head out for a longer run or hike. Moist, sweet and they pack some great energy. There is no baking involved, and if you don’t have a food processor/blender, then mash the dates with a fork, which works like a charm.

Our absolute favourites include:

Green Kitchen Stories’ Seven Minute Choco-Almond Truffles – they are so quick to make, and you can experiment by rolling them in the cinnamon, ground almonds, hemp seeds, cacao powder, or shredded coconut. On a cold wintery hike these truffles will warm you right up.

The First Mess’ Superfood Brownie Bites – the melted chocolate over these bites make them look extra luxurious. These bites are best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

Spiced Nuts My Good Planet

Savoury Snacks

In between the rounds of sweets it is nice to snack on something savoury. So if your gift receiver isn’t a fan of sweets, fear not, there are easy to make savoury snacks that are crunchy, salty, spicy and immensely tasty.

Try these out and let us know how they work out for you:

The Good Eatings’ Spiced Nut Mix – for this mix you can use any nuts that you enjoy. Our favourite ones are cashews and almonds. Skip the cayenne pepper if you don’t like it spicy or add extra for a bit more heat.

The Little Green Spoon’s Spicy Roast Chickpeas – this is a treat to all the hummus lovers. Plus, added turmeric in this recipe is great for the cold season, as it contains antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory.

Gingerbread Man My Good PlanetGingerbread Cookies

“Run, run, fast as you can,

You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” 

Truly no other confectionary symbolises the holidays quite like gingerbread cookies in its many forms, from edible houses to gingerbread men shaped cookies. It’s guaranteed that this gift will bring a scent and taste of Christmas into any home. And you can use your gingerbread cookies as Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree; a sustainable and tasty alternative.

Here are our personal favourite recipes:

Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Gluten Free Gingerbread Men – these cookies are so soft and delicious. They will taste equally good with or without the glaze.

The Happy Pear’s Vegan Gingerbread Biscuits – they are easy and quick to make. Feel free to adjust the spices to your taste buds. Hang them on a tree, gift them or eat them as soon as they cool down.

Here we have it, homemade filled with love and immensely tasty edible Christmas gifts. We hope you enjoy them and we look forward to further explore handmade gifts.

Learn more about sustainable gift wrapping options and a few tips on how to make the change to more vegan treats in the new year.

Baiba Šustere

Baiba Šustere is a writer whose work focuses on mindfulness, health and wellbeing.