Sustainable and Mindful Gift Guide: Week 3

We are on the third week of our Sustainable and Mindful gift guide, if you missed the previous two you can find them here Week 1 and Week 2. Now, make a cup of tea, put on some Christmas music and read ahead our third gift guide, and find inspiration for your gift ideas.

Week 3

Gift a Tree

How about gifting a tree this Christmas? No, not a Christmas tree, but a tree that will keep giving and giving over years to come. According to Arbor Environmental Alliance a single tree can absorb 48 pounds of CO2 per year. In addition trees act as natural pollution filters; they absorb pollutants through stomata in leaf surfaces. By gifting a tree you will be helping to fight climate change and provide clean air and water.

For every tree gifted through Irish organic clothing brand Grown Clothing in collaboration with Irish reforestation charity HomeTree and Dublin letterpress studio One Strong Arm will send you or your friend a hand letter pressed 650 g organic cotton print with the location and number of your tree. Trees gifted through Grown Clothing will be planted on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland. And they promise that your tree will never be cut down, and as it reaches maturity it will produce enough oxygen for four people a day. It truly is a life time gift.

And how about something special to supplement your gift, Jean Giono’s book “The Man Who Planted Trees” in a special edition that is printed on FSC certified paper. Plus, for every book sold another tree will be planted. So you really will be gifting someone two trees.


A Bee Brick

For nature and bee lovers we have something special, even for those living in cities or small spaces, gift them a gift of a bee brick. This innovation by Green and Blue is The Soil Association’s Innovation award winner. The bee brick works as a nesting site for solitary bees; it is a simple way to help our declining bee population. There are even quite a few colours to pick from and sizes that would suit you; or you can pick a bee block concrete planter and while you are at it, put in some plants that bees particularly enjoy. The bee brick will give you a wonderful opportunity to observe solitary bees, as Green and Blue write: “Solitary bees are fascinating to watch and it’s a wonderful way to introduce kids to bees because solitary bees have no queen or honey to protect, meaning they are non-aggressive and won’t sting.” Enjoy the bee watching!


Plants and Seeds

There are so many things that you can gift someone by simply gifting a plant – an herb garden, an air purifier, or maybe even a fruit garden. Air-cleaning plants would be a brilliant gift idea to those who suffer with allergies, as they will reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. According to NASA these are some of the best air-filtering plants: English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Boston Fern, Dracaena, Bamboo Palm, Dragon Tree, Peace Lily, Lady Palm and Spider Plant.

Alternatively, you can gift some seed packets if your loved ones have garden, so when the first spring sunshine comes they can enjoy some garden fun. And who knows, they might even give you some vegetables as a thank you for your thoughtful gift.



Cold and long dark evenings, call for lots of hot drinks. Bring that warmth to someone by gifting them some tea. You can continue of the idea of giving a plant, and gift them a potted peppermint for fresh peppermint infusion, or you can try some of our favourites below.

Intelligent Tea

These amazing people make wild and indigenous Irish herbal infusions; they blend herbs that are known for their health promoting properties. As they write on their homepage: “Intelligent tea is working with Irish growers to produce Native grown single estate, or wild picked herbs, for our brews. All plants used are grown chemical free or organically, which is important from a healing perspective.” Some of our favourite infusions for winter months are Cold Buster, Sinus Soothe and Morning Glory.

Pure Tea

Pure Tea specialises in bringing to you the finest organic teas. They offer their blends both in loose leaf form and in organic tea bags. Part of their sustainability philosophy is: “Through sustainable land use and organic cultivation, our tea producers embody the concept of man and nature living in harmony with each other.”

Mindfulness and Meditation

If for months you have tried to get someone to try meditation then why not give them a gift of mindfulness and meditation? Give them a month or maybe even a year subscription to some of the mindfulness and meditation apps, some of our favourite are Headspace and Calm App. Or get a gift card from a local yoga or meditation studio, so they can fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Hope you have enjoyed our gift guides so far, let us know in the comments some of your favourites. Come back next week for the last My Good Planet Sustainable and Mindful gift guide.

Baiba Šustere

Baiba Šustere is a writer whose work focuses on mindfulness, health and wellbeing.