Sustainable and Mindful gift guide: Week 4

The last week of Sustainable and Mindful gift guide is here. With only 5 sleeps till Christmas, we hope this will tick the last gifts off of the list. The previous three gift guides you can find here – Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. Get cosy and read on to get some thoughtful Christmas gift ideas.


Week 4


You are probably aware that in Iceland during Christmas time they gift each other books and then spend the rest of the holidays reading. Sounds like a really good idea to us; wrapping up in a blanket, with a hot drink beside and reading some good books, truly embracing the cold days of winter. So head over to your local independent bookshop, support them and get some good books. Better yet, if your local independent shop also sells some second hand books, you can always find some forgotten or dearly loved treasures there.

Our favourite shop in Galway, Ireland, is Charlie Byrne’s bookshop, with their shelves upon shelves with hidden worlds, treasures and stories that you have never heard of. So if you are living in or passing by Galway, definitely make a stop in Charlie Byrne’s bookshop for some special gifts.

Three of my favourite books that I read this year and highly recommend are The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, Devotion by Patti Smith and The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono.


Organic Vegetable Boxes

Fresh, organic, local vegetables delivered to the door once a week? It might be a nice surprise to someone you love. No need to worry about weekly shopping or about where your vegetables are coming from and whether they are in season. Support your local farmers with this gift. As they say, the way to someone’s heart goes through stomach; just leaving it here.

If you are in West Coast of Ireland, we highly recommend and have previously mentioned Green Earth Organics’ vegetable and fruit boxes. They even have a zero waste box, and you can customise your box as you like, pick and choose from different vegetables and fruits.

Support Local Businesses

Shop locally, support local businesses and artists. Instead of heading down the shop street in your city, go to the small little shops, where they sell local designs, local art or maybe head to some local business and get their gift card. How about going to the local independent book shop for some books or head over to your favourite restaurant and get their gift card for someone you love or better yet, take them out for dinner, or maybe go to independent cinema theatre, or go and get some theatre tickets, or support local designers and artists by getting their creations.

As a local to Galway, here are some ideas for Galwegians. If you want to fill your belly head over to Kai Restaurant (recently they were named among Top 20 most sustainable food businesses) to get a gift card or their special design socks created by Irish Socksciety. Looking for some Galway designers, you can get some lovely cards (also Christmas cards) and prints by Galway artists Marta Barcikowska in Charlie Byrne’s bookshop, or go to local print studio Just Art It to get some gift cards for drawing classes, locally made Christmas cards or some nice art supplies. For more design head over to recently opened Galway Designers Studio House for some Galway and Irish design pieces, who knows you might find something nice for yourself. We also highly recommend warm and cosy sweatshirts with bold designs created by Galway artists at Grey + Ginger. For that theatre lover you can always get tickets to local theatre productions, such as award winning Druid. If you are looking for locally made chocolate, head over to Hazel Mountain for some sweet treats. Or if you want to bring joy to someone with locally made perfumes go to Burren Perfumery. For some lovely pottery pieces head over to Judy Greene Pottery, highly recommended for the tea lover in your family in need of a new cup, and if you do get that tea cup, you will also need some tea, so visit The Secret Garden for amazing variety of various teas. And last but certainly not least, confused and don’t know what to get; get an Evergreen’s gift card. You can find anything there starting from chocolate and seaweed snacks and baths all the way to skincare items and candles, locally made and organic. These are just some of the few examples that you can find in your local community, just have a wander around and support your local businesses, they will be grateful for your support.

Donate to Charities

Support your local charities, doesn’t matter which one you choose be it trees, dogs, cats or homeless or any other charity, support them during this holiday season.

Be Present

Most importantly remember to be present during this holiday season, enjoy the moments in the company of your loved ones.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Baiba Šustere

Baiba Šustere is a writer whose work focuses on mindfulness, health and wellbeing.