Thrift+ charity receives clothes donation worth over $630,000

Thrift+, an online charity store which sells second hand items to support the charity of the donor’s choice, has received its biggest and most impressive donation to date. 

A massive amount of items, including over 400 pairs of designer shoes (worth over £150,000 alone), was received by the charity. The donation was made by a celebrity, who has requested to remain anonymous. The total estimated value of the Thrift+ charity donation, which included a range of upmarket brand names, was placed at around £500,000 ($638,000).

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The start of any new year is a common time to have something of a clear out. The accumulation of new items over the holiday often leads people to examine what they have in their closets and, ultimately, what is no longer needed. This makes it the perfect time to create a selection of items which can be given away to charity.

Books, clothes and media are the best and most desired items. Electronics can be tricky, as some health and safety regulations can prohibit charity stores from taking them in.

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Thrift+ claim that, due to smaller overheads, they are able to donate more money to charities than their bricks and mortar counterparts. “Due to the high costs of running high street shops, less than 20p in every pound (20c on the dollar) typically reaches the charity,” they state, adding that they maintain a higher average sale rate for items.

This means they are supposedly able to give more back to their selected charities, as well as offering a Gift Aid service for those who donate.

Thrift + Charity My Good Planet

Thrift+ usually offer people who make a donation a 25% credit return on the resulting sale. The mystery celebrity who made this impressive drop off has declined the credit, resulting in an even larger return for a range of charities. They did, however request that the proceeds of the sale be donated to Dress For Success, a charity which helps disadvantaged women enter the workforce.

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