Tom Hanks is officially one of the nicest actors around

Tom Hanks has long been cited as one of the most philanthropic figures in Hollywood, but it seems that his niceness extends beyond that of charitable endeavours and onto his fans as well.

A quick glance at Tom Hanks’ website lists a range of charities and non-profit associations that the beloved actor supports, but there is something so touching about this hand-typed letter to a fan, that it needs to be shared.

Hanks is an avid aficionado of analogue equipment. He penned a lengthy essay in the New York Times on the subject, and the Polaroid included in the picture further showcases his love for vintage technology. The letter and photo were for a fan named Tyler who took his grandfather to see Bridge of Spies (Hanks’ new movie) in the cinema with his grandfather, who hadn’t seen a movie in a theatre since The Godfather in 1972. Something about the story touched Hanks, compelling him to write back.

Tom Hanks

The typed letter reads:

8 March 2016

Dear Tyler McCabe,

What a wonderful letter!

You and your grandfather have once again proven the power of cinema, that going to the movies makes life a little more exciting and connects us to something larger than just ourselves.

I’m thrilled that it was BRIDGE OF SPIES that was playing nearby. Did you have popcorn and soda? Nothing wrong with a little of both.

Please give my best to your grand dad, for he — and you — are grand folks.

All good things,

Tom Hanks

p.s. Included: a photo of your photo.

And if that doesn’t quite make your day, here’s Hanks’ most uplifting performance of the last few years!

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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