Top 5 Vegan Food Blogs to Boost Veganuary Confidence

Veganuary has ended, but that does not mean that you have to throw away all your healthy eating habits. To help you keep that inspiration high we have put together a list of some of our favourite vegan food blogs. Scroll down and get your body, mind and taste buds satisfied.

During this year’s Veganuary more than 150 000 people pledged to go vegan for the month of January.  2018 marked the 5 year anniversary of Veganuary, in 2014, 3300 people took part and since then every year the figure has grown. People have not only recognised the health benefits of a vegan diet, but also how it reduces the impact on environment. Veganuary charity co-founder Jane Land notes:

“Looking at the world around us, we can all feel despondent at times but veganism is empowering hundreds of thousands of people to have a real and positive impact. Animal-free foods are kinder to the environment, contribute less to climate change, can feed more people and require fewer resources to produce. Also, of course, they don’t rely on the factory farming and slaughter of animals. Every plant-based meal is a statement of kindness and compassion, and a contribution to a better world. While the reasons for veganism have long been compelling, supermarkets and restaurants are now catching up and offering a huge variety of wonderful foods. 2018 is going to see a significant leap in the number of vegans – this is the year that veganism will go mainstream.”

There are plenty of reasons why one might choose vegan diet and lifestyle, some of which may be concerns relating animal welfare, health, and environmental issues. If you don’t know where to start, we highly recommend “How to Go Vegan” Veganuary book, in fact it is “so powerful that its proof-reader went vegan”.

A lot of athletes have chosen vegan diet to improve their endurance and improve muscle recovery time. Scott Jurek is an American ultramarathon runner who has won many of the most prestigious endurance races in the world, and he attributes his vegan diet as the key to his athletic performance. If you want to dive deeper into his journey of becoming an ultramarathon runner and a vegan, we highly recommend to read Jurek’s book “Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness”, the book also includes some amazing running tips and fantastic recipes. Both Venus and Serena Williams became vegan in 2012, when Venus was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome, and doctors recommended her to adapt a raw vegan diet. To support her sister Serena became vegan as well, and since then she has won the US Open three times.  There are so many vegan athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs that claim the benefits of vegan diet and lifestyle. To inspire you even more below we have put together Top 5 vegan food blogs for you, to motivate you to stick or start your journey towards healthier and planet friendlier lifestyle. However, don’t limit yourself to these five blogs, there is so much out there, start by simply looking into your local community and build your support net from there.

  1. Minimalist Baker

Plant-based and mostly gluten-free recipes that fall into one of these simple categories: 30 minutes or less, 1 bowl, 10 ingredients or less. Most of the recipes are quite simple and quick to make. There are also a helpful section of various ‘how to’s’, like how to make your own plant milk or how to make a chia egg.

Our favourite recipe is The World’s Easiest Cinnamon Rolls.

  1. Good Eatings

On this platform the author Malin shares her passion for wholesome vegan and mainly gluten free food. Here you will find not only delicious recipes but also tips on vegan lifestyle and some handy vegan city guides that will help you find your way around with full belly. Plus, Malin also has a beautiful and very handy Youtube channel, you can find it here.

Our favourite recipe is Vegan Tortilla Soup.

If you are not only a strong advocate of vegan lifestyle, but also on zero waste lifestyle, then this space is for you. Max shares not only mouth watering recipes but also tips and ideas on how to save your food, shop sustainably and locally and how to create a zero waste space and how to compost.

Our favourite recipe is Overnight Oats that work great as breakfast or afternoon snack.

  1. Wholehearted Eats

Sophie’s homepage is full of vibrant and seasonal vegan recipes. She also shares her tips on how to smartly stock your pantry, how to use various herbs in cooking and healing, what to put in your everyday bag to avoid any waste, and even how to make your own toothpaste.

Our favourite recipe is The Best Lentil Soup and you have to try this Calming Chamomile Latte for slow weekend or any morning at all.

  1. The First Mess

On this platform Laura shares her cooking with natural and plant based ingredients, living simply while eating wholesome meals, and celebrating community and our mother earth. If you prefer to have the recipes in a book form as opposed to screen, you can find Laura’s cookbook here.

Our favourite recipe is Carrot Cake Pancakes.

Hope you enjoy these and let us know of your favourite vegan food and lifestyle blogs in the comments below.