Waitrose to launch all vegan section

UK supermarket chain Waitrose has announced plans to expand its vegan range and cater for the unstoppable demand for plant based products. 

Veganism has gone from niche to chic in the past few years, with celebrity endorsements and chefs the world over making the change in their diet for health and ethical reasons. As a result, there are an increasing amount of vegan restaurants and store bought options available.

With this has come an increase in pressure on supermarkets to provide more options for vegan shoppers. Up until now, however, these options have been sporadic and unfocused within most stores. Now, Waitrose is among the first of the UK’s supermarket giants to propose a dedicated section.

Our current selection of products has been selling really well week after week,” said Waitrose’s vegan and vegetarian buyer, Chloe Graves, “With requests for more choice coming from our customers and partners, we could clearly see there was an appetite to have more vegetarian and vegan options in our shops.”

Live Kindly, the vegan food and lifestyle site, reported that last month, the Waitrose chain has expanded its plant-based range by 50 products.

‘Pies, soups, and vegan meats and cheeses will all now be available from the store and easily accessible for plant-based shoppers, joining products such as vegan pasta, ready meals, chocolates, and other snacks.’

Graves added; “increasing our range builds on the work we did last year to increase choice for our customers in this area. We are working with some fantastic exclusive brands to ensure our shoppers have a really unique selection of food to choose from. With flexitarianism also on the rise, we have made sure we have dishes and ingredients for those looking to opt for a meat-free meal, that was suitable for the whole family to enjoy.”

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

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