We’re doing Veganuary! Join us!

As you may already know, Veganuary 2019 is set to be the biggest event yet, with well over 300,000 people taking part.

The concept of Veganuary is a simple one; set aside meat, dairy and animal based products for one month.

It’s all about some very straightforward issues. Recent studies have indicated that the emissions caused by meat and dairy farming are some of the largest contributors towards climate change. With immediate action required on all fronts to avoid continually heating the planet, that’s not ideal. Scientists are urging people to eat far less meat and dairy as a result.

Additionally, as the industrialisation of the food process becomes more prevalent, a range of ethical, animal welfare and health related elements also come into the equation. Dairy is a grim business, and often a world away from the calm, earthy images which are presented on labels. One other significant factor is that a constant diet of meat and dairy isn’t all that good for us. We’re not, however, going to use gory tactics or guilt trips to get people on board, we simply want to focus on the immense positive outcomes which can occur from making the change.

The joy of Veganuary is that it’s not necessarily about changing your life forever. You may, however, make some new friends along the way and want to make the jump completely. It’s likely that you’ll discover how, in contrast to what some media outlets would have you believe, the majority of vegans are supportive, helpful, creative and insightful – the Vegan Reddit page is a testament to this. Recipes are swapped, advice given, questions answered. It’s  fun community built around positive ethics.

It’s about examining what we eat, where it comes from and how it impacts the world around us. Maybe the results will warrant a permanent change. Perhaps they’ll encourage a mere modification, but, either way, it initiates conversation and awareness about our diet, our health and the wellbeing of other creatures.

Veganuary 2019 My Good Planet

“No meat? No dairy? What will you eat?”

The popularity of vegan foods is on then rise, even among non-vegans. The choices and availability are constantly growing. What’s even better is that the Veganuary site comes with a starter pack including recipes, accidentally vegan foods (some of which may come as a surprise), and a nutrition guide (to help answer all of the inevitable protein questions).

Considering that many of us will have spent December gorging like some kind of Roman Emperor, your body will probably thank you for cutting it some slack for a few weeks. And it’s far less expensive than signing up for that gym membership.

Do it quietly, or shout it from the rooftops, but do try it.

We’ll be giving it a go and I will be providing updates on the My Good Planet Instagram page.

Sign up for Veganuary 2019 to receive some initial guidance and help.

Colin J McCracken
Colin J McCracken

Director and Executive Editor

Colin J McCracken is an Irish editor and writer of both fiction and journalism. Coming from a background in education and film, his passions are split between the environmental and the entertaining. Constantly striving for a more sustainable existence and trying to balance it while simultaneously buying too many books.