Vet gives free care to animals belonging to the homeless

Ruby Shorrock, a vet from Glasgow, Scotland has been running this amazing scheme for several years.

She offers free care to animals that belong to homeless people, so that they remain healthy, even within the challenging circumstances that they live.

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Ruby was destined to become a vet. Her grandmother ran a wildlife resource centre from her house, one which Ruby’s mother then took over. In a photo article from The Dodo, Ruby’s story is told in full.

“Shorrock was bottle-feeding squirrels and nursing birds who had fallen from the nest throughout her youth, so it was a natural step for her to study veterinary medicine once she entered college.

At the age of 22, Shorrock began Glasgow’s first program to treat homeless pets — Trusty Paws Clinics. Since late 2014, Trusty Paws has been operating once per month out of a homeless clinic in Glasgow called The Simon Community, and later opened a second clinic in 2015 at The West London Mission.”

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“We try to promote the human-animal bond because it isn’t recognized enough. Animals are good for people’s mental health, and the benefits as well as the responsibility and routine that comes from owning a pet outweigh those of giving them up. We work to help them take care of their pets, because it’s more likely for them to get off the street together than it is if they’re apart.”


Trusty Paws also focuses on fundraising efforts in order to pay for its more costly treatments, such as surgery. For instance, Tara’s surgery and Bruno’s medical care added up to nearly £2,000. Numbers like those can easily wipe out Trusty Paws’ funds. It holds fundraisers through the local university via vet school events, takes donations through an Amazon Wishlist and PayPal, and receives donated supplies from medical and food companies. It’s truly a case of the community pitching in to help those less fortunate than themselves, and 100 percent of donations go to the animals and their vet bills.

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Ruby Shorrock and Trusty Paws have been a positive force in a lot of animal’s lives. Shorrock received the 2016 International Fund for Animal Welfare award in recognition of her outstanding work.


Read about some of the animals and their owners in The Dodo.

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