MyGoodPlanet Videos

MyGoodPlanet will be providing users with a range of exciting audiovisual content from around the globe. In the meantime, here are some of the video highlights from our first few months in action, which has seen us travel across the globe as we set up the future of positive global media.

  • Our Vision


  • Come meet the MyGoodPlanet team in our introductory video. This will give you an idea of the ethos and spirit of MyGoodPlanet and those who are behind the project.


  • The Campo Bahia Vision. 


  • MyGoodPlanet Ambassador Tito Jackson (of the Jackson 5) at Campo Bahia.


  • The Olympic Torch Arrives In Brazil in association with MyGoodPlanet.


  • MyGoodPlanet Ambassador Tito Jackson is greeted at School in Bahia.


  •  After being invited to take part in the December Mass at The Vatican in 2015, MyGoodPlanet President Ulli Lommel and Reporter Tatjana Paige Mueller sent us the following footage.


  • The Golden Age of MyGoodPlanet.


  • Our signature theme song, ‘One World, One Day‘.


  • As part of our Kids News segment, we have selected a number of Junior Reporters from various parts of the world (led by Philipp Paske) to become involved in researching, compiling and presenting a range of wonderful clips and insights.