Volvo XC90 breaks safety records in the UK

The Volvo XC90, a popular model of SUV, had broken some very important safety records in the UK. 

The vehicle, which has been on sale in the country since 2002, and sold over 50,000 vehicles in the country. The remarkable statistic comes from the fact that, while there may have been some accidents along the way, not a single person has been killed in one of the Volvo XC90 models, as either passenger or driver.

What’s additionally surprising is that the cars are getting even safer in recent years, thanks to some groundbreaking technology, which the BBC are heralding as ‘The most significant development since the safety belt‘.

One of the features which the Volvo XC90 has been praised for is the inclusion of hazard aware cameras, which warn drivers of potential dangers as they are driving. As well as this, the company is purportedly leading the way in Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) technology.

In a report from the BBC, the advantages and implications of advanced AEB development are outlined:

At the moment, most AEB systems are “forward-looking”. In other words they are designed to prevent crashes where one car runs into the back of another.

Such crashes account for around a quarter of all accidents, but these are the incidents which can cause some of the nastiest injuries, such as whiplash.

AEB has been shown to reduce such collisions by 38%, according to research by the safety organisation Euro NCAP.”

It seems that the inclusion of such technologies will not only make our roads safer, but also bring down insurance costs, which are skyrocketing globally at present.”If you can reduce the amount of human error, you’ll reduce the number of incidents and the number of claims, which should hopefully lead to a reduction in premiums,” Kevin Pratt, insurance expert with Moneysupermarket.com told the BBC. That’s good news for drivers, and everyone else on the road too.

Oh, and one final note; just because a car is loaded with safety features, doesn’t mean it is lacking on the design front either, check out this video for the latest Volvo XC90 Excellence model.