VW driverless concept car to feature no steering wheel

A VW driverless concept car will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, furthering the German company’s plans for a high-tech, sustainable future

The I.D. Vizzion was announced via the official Volkswagen website within the last 24 hours and the first images have also been made public.Needless to say, it’s pretty impressive.

Part of the new family of VW I.D. vehicles, the driverless  I.D. Vizzion is the fourth car to be added to the concept range. The Volkswagen electric vehicle campaign promises to create 20 all-electric vehicles by 2025. The company wishes to create fully-electric, autonomous vehicles ranging from family models: ‘from a compact Golf-class electric vehicle to a fully automated premium class MPV‘.

There were also outlines for the reasons behind implementing self-driving vehicles, and they may span beyond what many may think of initially.

The I.D. VIZZION supports the Volkswagen claim for future individual mobility. Its electric drive system makes the car clean in road traffic, and its automatic driving control will make it safe and much more comfortable. At the same time, this innovative concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show demonstrates how elegant and emotional the design of a vehicle of the future can be. Inside the I.D. VIZZION, a completely new feeling of driving and living is created without a steering wheel or visible controls.

The largest model and innovative product campaign in the history of Volkswagen is entering its next stage. After presenting the first all-electric vehicles of the new I.D. Family models , the Volkswagen brand is now showing, for the first time, a concept of an autonomously driving automobile. Volkswagen is currently advancing the development of modern vehicles in all areas. The goal: to apply innovative technology to making the automobile cleaner, safer and much more convenient and comfortable. With these new qualities, the car will be able to further extend its significance and value for future mobility. Furthermore, use of this car will be made possible for customer groups who cannot drive today, e.g. because of their age.”

Wired also broke down some of the technical stats relating to the vehicle and its associated models in the I.D. family: “Much like the other I.D. concepts — the Buzz bus, the Crozz crossover, and the original I.D.— the Vizzion will be relatively powerful and quick. A 111kWh battery pack will help the car last for up to 665 kilometers (413 miles) on a single charge, according to VW. Equipped with dual electric motors, the car has a total power output of 225 kW (roughly 302 horsepower) and a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour (112 mph).”

The car will be unveiled at The Geneva Motor Show, which runs from March 8-18, 2018.