Walt Disney World employees to be paid living wage

Walk Disney World has struck a deal with unions which will see their employees be paid a wage of $15 per hour within the next three years. 

The deal will see new employees at Walt Disney World start on a wage which is 50% more than they are currently starting at. This move will effect thousands of workers in the company.

According to Jackie Wattles, writing for Money at CNN: ‘Marathon negotiations carried into the early morning this week before a deal was reached late Friday night, according to a union official. It will be voted on by union members on September 5 and is expected to easily pass.’

Employees will also receive a bonus of $1,000, which they were promised.

Disney (DIS) said in a statement that the deal contains the “largest proposal ever offered by Walt Disney World Resort with significant pay raises.”

Robbin Almand, vice president of labor relations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said the company was “thrilled” to offer “what is one of the highest entry-level service wages in the country.” –  Jackie Wattles, Money at CNN.

10,000 Disneyland workers in Anaheim, California, home of the Disneyland resort and theme park, were recipients of a similar deal earlier this year.

The move has been met with widespread praise, including that of recent US Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

As reported in The Journal.ie

‘In the proposal, the unions agreed to allow Disney to use more part-time workers. Under the current contract, slightly more than a third of the union workforce can be part-timers, but that would be raised to almost two-fifths of the workforce in the new deal.

New hires also would have to wait longer to switch jobs under the proposed deal. The current contract allows for a transfer after six months, but that would change to a year under the new contract.

The new contract also would expand the types of workers who could be subject to random drug tests to include lifeguards, fishing guides and employees who work with children, Hollis said.’